Nintendo Switch

Iron Galaxy Is Considering A Nintendo Switch Port Of Extinction

We have only just learned about a new IP from Maximum Games and Iron Galaxy earlier this month, which is called Extinction. The game is an action-adventure orc-slaying title that is coming to Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC in the first quarter of 2018. Executive Producer Derek Neal recently spoke to DualShockers at this year’s E3. He says that fan demand has prompted the team to consider bringing the game to the Nintendo Switch:

As far as Extinction, it wasn’t part of our original plan to bring Extinction to the Switch, but actually we’ve gotten this question a lot. A lot of people seem excited about the prospect of having this title on the Switch, so we are re-evaluating those options and seeing if maybe that is something we want to do. But that decision hasn’t been made yet.

If they do port the game over to the console, it won’t be unchartered territory for them. As it turns out, Iron Galaxy has already been involved directly with some Nintendo Switch development:

I’m not myself a member of Iron Galaxy, but to speak for them, I believe they have, yes, been involved directly with some Switch development.


Thanks, Christopher



    1. All I’m hearing this week is “we are evaluating the options” and “maybe that is something we want to do”
      *slow clap* Well done, Nintendo.


  1. If the demand for this game gets it on Switch, I suggest people start demanding for other 3rd party games on Switch if they really want that support. 3rd parties will be more likely to spend time on porting & downgrading games a bit, if not a lot, if enough people are demanding the games on Switch.


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