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US: GameSpot Says Capcom Isn’t Bringing Switch Version of Monster Hunter XX

Capcom has confirmed to GameSpot that it has no intention to bring the long-awaited Monster Hunter XX for Nintendo Switch to the United States. This will come as a huge blow to those of you who were anxiously awaiting a date for the current Monster Hunter title. Presumably they are putting all their localisation efforts into Monster Hunter Worlds for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC which launches in 2018.



  1. P1. That really sucks. I can sympathize with them being uncertain about MH’s potential in the West and wanting to stick with the biggest communities, but it still feels bad.

    1. only replying to you because people need to see this and not what the title is saying. This is the response from the source.

      Capcom has reached out to GameSpot to clarify that it has no plans to localize Monster Hunter XX for Switch “at this time.” The original story has been updated to reflect that.

      1. Nice. Thanks for sharing. The fact that Capcom took the time to reach out to Gamespot to clarify that it’s “at this time” says quite a bit. They’re at least open to the idea of a Switch port.

      2. That’s not gonna make anyone any happier. “no plans at this time” can easily become permanent. But Switch isn’t region locked so there’s that.

  2. Yes it is a blow to the US! You announce a new Monster Hunter for PS4 & XboxOne like what just happened? Well so much for commitment I suppose. This is a bummer was really looking forward to Monster Hunter XX for Switch

      1. Monster Hunter is Text-heavy. I wouldnt want to even try to muddle through that much Japanese

    1. yes fuck capcom,ubisoft,EA,bethesa,rockstar..everyone right? I bet it is Nintendo fault.
      “It is so easy to develop on switch” where is the developers then? Rocket league?. Rime? ;/
      This is sad once again..Nintendo is alone together with the well known companies that support hope platinum games will not leave nintendo with bayonetta 3 too… :(

      1. No you cant. it is nintendo fault for developers not supporting nintendo. There are many many developers who left her now what everyone is wrong and nintendo is right? Yes nintendo want to do different things…nintendo want art…developers want money and powerfull machines. cause every big developer is gonna Advertising the game he made with Graphics FIRST and then gameplay. and switch is not good on that

    1. It’s rumored that Sony paid to get MH off Nintendo. Part of that rumor was this very game and even World so it seems really legit.

      Another part of that rumor is a new MH Portable for Switch so we’ll have to wait and see. If Capcom really is moving away from portable MH then they’re stupid beyond belief because historically the series sold best on handhelds whether it was the PSP or 3DS.

      1. I cant believe that rumor exist since it is not some kind of sony exclusive.
        What did sony paid also for microsoft bills to get MH there? Nintendo is losing support for the same very reasson losing support the last years. Cause switch is not powerfull enough. and Companies whant to give huge graphics first to the world as advertising and then gameplay. Everyone judging something first the way it looks. (and by everyone i mean the casual gamers who just buy things cause of graphics) and switch is not good advertising for all the big developers cause they want to push the games they made with graphics. and how good it looks. and they dont want to risk to downgrade the games for switch since no1 will buy them.
        But as handled is very good and it could be so nice to have all these 3d party games

        I bet my life if nintendo had a gamecube like console in terms of power (equal to hes era) the monster hunter and every game big game with graphics could come easy on the nintendo platform.

        1. You’re clearly a graphics who’re incapable of holding an intelligent conversation so good day sir.

      2. Except Worlds isn’t a PS4 exclusive so that theory is void. If the intent was to get the series off of Nintendo Switch so the Switch couldn’t possibly crush Sony’s consoles, you’d think they’d want to eliminate it as a threat on the Xbox One, too. Why only do half of the work?

        Not to mention the game is still on Switch. You’ll just have to import it if you don’t live in Japan & want the game.

        Personally, I was wanting a Monster Hunter game built for the Switch from the ground up with better graphics & even HD Rumble support, so XX was a no go for me. And since I got a PS4, which so far has better online too, I’ll be getting Monster Hunter World instead.

          1. You’re right about XX not being World but that doesn’t make this little theory about Sony trying to enact some sinister plan to fuck over Nintendo with Monster Hunter any more true. It doesn’t change anything else I said, either. If it was exclusive to the PS4 & XX was not on Switch at all, then you might have some kind of cause for concern.

            Or this could be Capcom’s usual bullshit. Remember, Capcom used the 3DS to save Resident Evil with Revelations when the franchise was starting to collapse because of Resident Evil 6.

            1. It’s not my theory. It’s a rumor that said MH XX would come out before it was announced, MH 5 would be on PS4 and that Sony didn’t want it on Nintendo, and one last part that hasn’t come true yet is that Switch would have its own portable Monster Hunter that’s not XX.

              I know World isn’t called 5 but Capcom already came out and said it’s the next main game in the series which does essentially make it MH 5.

  3. Oh Crapcom… when will you learn?…
    It will obviously sell more on the Switch if you bring it over here as well. But then again, i could just order it online and play it in japanese (know how to read most of it, so i should be fine).
    Still, this is such a big letdown… me and my brother were expecting this to come, since he has a 3ds and i have a Switch….

  4. Wow….so first they announce a brand new game that is excluding the Switch. Now they have no intention to localize the one game they do have on Switch.

    Talk about a double slap to the face of all the Nintendo fans who gave the franchise some great sales over it’s past few entries.

    1. You cant blame nintendo for crapcom shitting the bed to be honest.

      Its not so much that the game wont run on the console but rather them being too comfortable with themselves.

      In hindsight im kinda glad i bought dauntless.

      1. But we can blame Nintendo for the current atmosphere. If they didn’t effectively push most 3rd party support away over the last few console gens, this most likely wouldn’t be happening right now. Instead, the N64, Gamecube, Wii, & Wii U all had something that pushed some, if not most, 3rd party support away. N64 stayed with cartridges, Gamecube used small discs, Wii stuck with SD quality & chose innovation over power, & Wii U… Well Wii U is just a victim of Nintendo’s stubbornness. (It still remains to be seen if the Switch will suffer a similar fate but hopefully it won’t.)

    1. Nintendo was current, if not in the lead when it came to hardware and power back then. Coincidence? I think not.

      1. Careful. People will bring up the Gamecube’s power as an excuse for why Nintendo is making the “smart” decision to not dip into another powerful console in spite of the Gamecube being a success in sales with better 3rd party support than Wii & Wii U & the fact the GameCube had small discs. Along with some other foolish decisions made by Nintendo at the time.

        1. Yeah. The GameCube thing is unfortunate. :( Such an amazing console that was so underrated

      1. Many thanks, I’ve tried spreading it around a bit, but people keep insisting we just import it, they just can’t get it through their minds that I don’t understand Japanese πŸ˜•

  5. “This will come as a huge blow”. No.
    The huge blow was when MH World was not announced for Switch. I don’t care for a 3DS port!

  6. this makes so little Sense part of me wonders if there’s been a mistake made. Monster Hunter XX should be a sure-fire success on Nintendo platforms.

    2 questions.
    1. Is XX getting localized at all?
    2. is Monster Hunter world’s coming to the switch?

  7. Now you all see what these fuckers just pulled, now whats to stop them from doing the exact same fucking thing with Monster Hunter World!? They will release the shitty version in the states and release a better version in Japan only! FUCK CAPCOM, FUCK THAT MHW PIECE OF SHIT TOO!!!
    I own a ps4 pro and I’m NOT going through this exact same shit when they decide to release a MH World G!
    I will never fucking support this shitty company ever again and I don’t care what they come out with!
    This was the last burned bridge they destroyed and I’m boycotting every single fucking product they touch!
    I wasted my fucking time building up a fucking character on the localized US version of GEN only to get fucked out of any future progress, and they will pull this shit again when they’re done milking the west to make their investors happy over how many fucking units they sold! FUCK CAPCOM!

  8. it will be a huge mistake if they said never, i can understand if they said they won’t for now but if it never does come then capcom will lose some potential new buyers.

  9. Come on Capcom, you were starting to get respect back and then you pull this? Doing the West like you did the whole world with Megaman Legends 3.

    One of the big things I like with the Monster Hunter series so far has been the ability to play anywhere. In bed, on the toilet, long car rids and even at a friend’s house. Sure, you can push things graphically on home consoles and PCs, but you lose that portability that’s helped the series to become as popular as it is. I’m fine with them wanting to make a larger console experience for those who want it, but don’t neglect those of us who want that on the go experience too, especially when more than half of the translation work for XX was already done when X was translated for Generations. It’s a boneheaded move that is going to alienate a lot of people.

    Personally, I wasn’t that enthused with the way Worlds looked. I’m having a really hard time not judging it harshly before seeing some more real info on it. The fact that it’s preventing a localized version of XX is single handedly almost enough of a reason for me to want nothing to do with it. Under other circumstances I’d be looking at taking advantage of the Switch being region free, but now I don’t want to even think about giving Capcom my money to do so. It’s infuriating and I feel betrayed.

  10. Capcom as a company are in a lot of trouble. After the debacle that is SFV Launch and Resi 7 probably not performing. They need to spread their wings as much as possible.

  11. If region locking was still a thing, I’d be laughing my ass off right now. Luckily, Switch isn’t region locked.

    1. *still laughs a little*

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