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Here’s Plenty Of Fire Emblem Warriors Details

Fire Emblem Warriors is heading to the Nintendo Switch and judging from the footage we have seen thus far its shaping up to be one action-packed title. Game Informer has the chance to play the demo at this week’s E3 event in Los Angeles and have published their impressions and have come away impressed. You can read them here.

  • There will be more than the typical 8-14 characters you find in Warriors games
  • “We chose characters that there would be a good representation of different weapon types.”
  • No romantic relationships in the game
  • There will be support conversations, where your allies will create bonds with one another
  • As for permadeath: “There’s definitely that element included in a way that makes sense for a Warriors game.”
  • There will be other modes outside of the story, but those are yet to be revealed
  • Does have local co-op
  • Content between New 3DS and Switch versions will be the same
  • Number of enemies on screen and graphical displays will be different

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  1. I’m disappointed by the “No romantic relationships in the game” part. I liked how they did those in some other Warriors games. Unless they mean no romantic relationships in the sense that you get to control who hooks up with who & the relationships are pre-determined.

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  2. “Content between New 3DS and Switch versions will be the same”


    Feel what happened when Hyrule Warriors released on 3DS. I didn’t enjoy it then, but now I’m glad they’re doing this as I don’t have a Switch.


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