LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Is The Best-Selling LEGO Game Of All-Time

The LEGO team have announced today that the original LEGO Marvel Superheroes is the best-selling LEGO video game of all-time. Yes, that’s right! The team is currently hard at work on the game’s sequel LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 which is destined for the Nintendo Switch and due to be released on September 15th.

GamesBeat: Superheroes seem to be pretty hot following the success of Wonder Woman.

Haddad: Congratulations to our studio. I had nothing to do with it, but we couldn’t be happier for our partners in theatrical. The response to it, critically and from the fans, the strength going into week two—also, we had three live DC games, two on mobile and one on console. We were able to activate around that. We were able to give Wonder Woman content and DLC for our two mobile games as well as the console game. That stuff works across the whole studio. We’re very proud of that. And we’re doing more superheroes with Lego Marvel 2, a sequel to our best-selling Lego game ever.

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  1. I bought it for my Wii U, and it’s the most glitchiest and buggiest game i ever played. It froze on me several times and i couldn’t complete the game.

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    1. I’m yet to 100% the game but I’ve completed most of it. Personally, I think Skylanders Giants 3DS is a more broken game. At least the portal and figures look nice. I think the reason why I never completed Lego Marvel Super Heroes is because driving around and hunting those evil taxis is far more interesting than completing difficult time trials.


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