Concept Art And Details Leak For Super Nintendo Land Orlando

While it’s still years before we’ll see the final result, the idea of Super Nintendo Land is a spectacular prospect for most fans. Universal Studios seem to be struggling to keep information secret, as another batch of leaked concept art has just hit the internet. All this art is in reference to the Orlando version of the park, the leaked map from the Universal’s Florida location. The artwork for the Mario Kart ride is particularly amazing, but details suggest that not everything featured in this artwork will make it to the final version of the park. Leaks suggest that the Kirby and Zelda areas might not make the final cut. Check out the incredible art below.



  1. It’s good that they’re not using Zelda here. It allows them to save it for a future expansion in another park where it can have a big ride and not just a theater show.

    1. You might want to look again. There’s a “Zelda’s Kingdom” right to the top of the place.

      1. I’ve been following this project since it was announced. There are theme park forums with insiders who have been dead on accurate in the past. Zelda’s been cut for a future expansion.

  2. i guess Nintendo is really almost finish with this park, but not yet. Besides, they spend there hard on IPs to make this more of a friendly place.

  3. One very positive aspect of this map: E.T. Adventure is still there. The rest of Kid Zone is out, but that bit of Universal Studios history is still there.

  4. I really hope they include a Kirby ride. And Star Fox. And Metroid laser tag would be bad ass

    1. I don’t think Metroid will be in the final cut. Maybe they will expand the park. Anyway for Kirby and Star Fox I hope so. They are cooperate with Mister Miyamoto and we know Mister Miyamoto want his series, Star Fox be more popular. With this park maybe he realize what he want.

  5. *is thinking of some fun things they can do with AR instead of VR*

      1. VR isn’t an issue, though, since it’s most likely already set in stone. AR, on the other hand, hasn’t even had a rumor floating about saying it’ll be used for anything at Universal’s Nintendo section.

      2. But yes. Both would be nice. Except AR would be better for more physically demanding stuff as you can actually move around & not worry about hitting something or putting yourself in real danger because you’ll still be able to see what’s real & what’s fake so no serious accidents should occur. With VR, you have to stay in one place or rely on an actual ride as it’d be too dangerous to wander with that on.

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