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Sorry About The Problem With Adverts On The Mobile Version Of The Site

It has come to my attention that many of you who are using mobile devices to access the site are being greeted by a competition style pop-up. Pop-ups in general are completely unacceptable. I have spoken to WordPress today who are in control of the adverts on the site and they are fully aware of the issue and say that it’s a widespread problem across .com sites. They are working hard on a fix. I realise that many of you like myself hate intrusive adverts. There’s nothing worse than pop-ups taking you to a different page when you are trying to view content on a site. I am really sorry about this issue and hopefully this will be fixed promptly by


Sickr and the team at My Nintendo News

41 thoughts on “Sorry About The Problem With Adverts On The Mobile Version Of The Site”

  1. I have another problem with this site. A while back, I subscribed via email so that all news went into my inbox, and I could read it there. However, a while ago, it changed to only having the first few sentences. After that, I have to go to your website, which, as you have addressed, brings up annoying pop-ups so that I can’t actually read the news. Could you please look into a solution for this?

    1. Yeah, I’ve spoken to WordPress about this a few weeks back. Basically what’s happened is with the new theme I’ve added the continue reading button so the post don’t take up even more room on the homepage as people don’t want to scroll even more to browse the headlines. The problem is is this has been replicated on the email subscriptions that those who signed up for them receive. I’ve asked WordPress if they can change this for those who get their news via email but there isn’t a fix for this. I’m very sorry.

      1. The biggest problem I’ve had on mobile when I try and click on the “continue reading” icon is that it clicks on the advert instead. Even though I’m clearly touching the continue reading icon, it always just clicks on the advert. In fact any link that I try to touch on the site just directs me to an advert. So I’ve basically quit visiting the site on my iPhone altogether unfortunately. I complained about this problem weeks ago. I’m glad your aware there is a problem and are trying to fix it. It’s just unfortunate I can no longer read the full article or comment on a mobile device. There is one way around it that I know of, like if I respond to a notification, it bypasses the continue reading icon and I can access the full article and reply. So far that is the only work around I have discovered.

      2. Just to add, before you changed your website layout the last time I literally had zero issues with this site. It ran perfect, had no pop-ups, never crashed, and I could reply to anyone I wanted as many times as I wanted. It may just be a coincidence, but ever since you have changed the site layout of MNN the quality of the site has dropped considerably. At least for me.

      3. @deepsouth there is technically another workaround (but it really inconvenient) you could see the article on mynintendonews and search it up on google and click though there (like i said inconvenient )

  2. My phone makes it a mission to respond to anyone or comment, when I click my notifications and try to respond, the part where I’m texting moves around sometimes and I can’t see what I typed and have to wing it. Other than that the only issue on this site is that it’s crawling with fanboys, but that’s a problem with the coding in their heads, not the website :)

    1. Ah, haven’t heard of that one. I can test it out on my phone and get back to you. Not sure if there’s a fix for that as I can no control over how the page responds to things like text input. But I will look into it! By the way Disqus will soon be implemented on the site and take over the native WordPress commenting system. It’s just the programming team at WordPress are having problems implementing it.

      1. Good news on Disqus. Currently the response limit and following who you’re responding to on here is difficult. Now we’ll be able to flag and block which is very much welcome.

      2. Great news on Disqus. Should make editing comments possible too, no more irreversible awkward typos, hah.
        Looking forward to it. :)

      3. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch!}

        The block feature of Disqus will come in handy for the more adamant guys that spend too much time defending Ninty on here. (Of course that means they can do the same to those of us they think “whine,” “complain,” or “hate” too much. Whatever. EVERYONE WINS!!! :D lol)

  3. I noticed it a few weeks ago I think, but it I either haven’t noticed recently or got used to it.

    I’m having an issue with opening other WordPress sites, and my notifications alert (top right, orange) disappearing. I think that’s mainly an issue with those other websites and not this one. Now I avoid other WordPress sites and only stick to MNN.

    1. You should contact WordPress about this if you’re having problems with their notification bar in the top right on other sites. You can contact them via email here if you wish! There’s a contact us button at the bottom of the page :)

  4. since 3-4 weeks ago] When go to “”, mobile website, i have a popup windows that say “your smartphone have now, a battery drain virus” P.S, i have an “iPad tablet” and ios firefox, not an iPhone and not an smartphone.

    1. Yeah, this is the problem that I’ve just addressed. The team over at WordPress are working on a fix for this but it’s affecting iPad, iPhone and Android devices I believe :(

      1. Very good work Sickr. Nice to see a website taking the time to communicate with its readers and let us know all about the issues and fix actions netting implemented. Appreciate your hard work Sickr. I do have one small issue that I know a lot of people find frustrating…. no edit button 😣.

      2. No problem I just wish I was communicating under better circumstances, but this shall be fixed. Yeah, an edit button would be really helpful but the WordPress commenting system doesn’t have one. Disqus does, I believe, so it shouldn’t be an issue if the developers can bring it to the site :)

  5. Awesome! Never happened to much to me but very glad it’s acknowledged. It’s not just your site though, seems like they’re everywhere lately. It’s 2017 and the pop-up ad remains strong lol

  6. The two most annoying ads I’ve felt with on this site are the ads that follow you when you scroll, I can’t actually click on an article until I close the ad and it’s extremely annoying. The second ad is those ads that’ll bring me to a website saying “Your iPhone needs to be updated to prevent viruses” and then will bring me to this fake Google website.

  7. I don’t have any issues with this site. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with the best experience. Your apology is well accepted and my respect has been earned.. . #1up

  8. You need to get rid of word press in general sickr. The sign up process sucks, fave process sucks, comments are abysmal (they can’t figure out a freaking edit button?), and now this. GET A NEW PROVIDER ALREADY. Give wordpress the boot they deserve!

  9. I assume you’re using one of the wordpress paid hosting plans.

    All of the premium plans give you the ability to completely eliminate wordpress’s ads. Meaning, you can completely dump their ads entirely. Now, if you’re using their “wordads” program, the solution is pretty simple really – stop using it. You can add any ads you want, from google adsense to 100’s of providers, that will make you even more money that wordpress’s solution.

    Basically, if wordpress’s ads are causing issues, stop using them and switch ad providers. They don’t stop you from doing that, you simply customize the template on the backend to include them.

  10. i get why the site needs ads but do i really need like 10 ads running on my phone and duplicates at that, what is worse is that the duplicates tend to be videos and makes my phone sluggish. and that is why i have ad blocker plus on my computer because most of these ads cover the entire site, has intrusive video ads that have no pause button, pop-ups, and eat resources that freezes my computer and either crashes or stays frozen. btw i don’t hate ads but if it weren’t for reasons i just said i would have not added an ad blocker. one ad is all you need, especially on smart devices like phones and tablets.

  11. In my smartphone, 3 ads are when I enter this site and one of them blocks the image above but the worst is the ad video that pops up which makes 4 ads with this one and my phone music stops each time I past this ad video. Its really annoying 😡.

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