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Square Enix Announce More Dragon Quest XI Features To Celebrate Game Going Gold

Dragon Quest XI has finally gone gold. To celebrate this triumph, Square Enix has released an hour of footage. The video shows off both the 3DS and PS4 versions of the game, so it has something for owners of either console. There were quite a few revelations in the footage, Square Enix showing off the two new features in each version. The 3DS game will feature a mode called Mysterious Smithing and a complex Skill Panel system. PS4 players will get to play the new Horse Racing and Casino modes. They also revealed a Restricted Play mode, allowing players to freely alter the game’s difficulty. This could include being unable to run from battle or losing all your armour. Check out the full stream below.




  1. Obviously one of those few games releasing past this year on 3DS.

    Why don’t they talk about the Switch version though?


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