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Super Mario Odyssey And Fire Emblem Warriors Are Both Getting A Chinese Localisation

Nintendo is pushing into the Chinese market by releasing more and more of their games in the country. In a recent press release, Nintendo Hong Kong revealed that both Super Mario Odyssey and Fire Emblem Warriors would be receiving a Chinese localisation. According to Reddit user JuhoY, this means that the Switch will receive more games in China than both the 3DS and Wii U combined. This is great news for any Chinese Nintendo fans, their region getting official translations of two of the biggest Nintendo games of 2017. Hopefully, Breath of the Wild will be next.

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    1. Of course! If you can win over even half of China’s population, it’s gonna be a very big market for anyone that gets a foot in over there. There is no telling how many movies might have been saved from being a total flop because of China, for instance. (Sadly this also means even very crappy movies have a chance to make bank… *shudders*)


      1. ||Like Age of Extinction, it was only tolerable because of my dark ally Lockdown…||


      2. I fear that future game development might start accomodating China’s strict content policies. More profitible to start developing games under those restrictions than post-production censorship, or even planning a game w/ major elements deemed too contraversal for the Chinese market. Ultimately, über profits is the game, & if the Chinese market is a dominent force, then I fear the future of gaming, though it’s already deviated, IMO, albeit in other ways.

        Anyway, if you thought Nintendo’s changes to games for even just the US market was bad enough, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Look at Hollywood, particularly the Dr. Strange movie, how the studio changed Dr. Strange’s origins based on Chinese-Tibetan relations. An element that was more easily & less costly to change in early development rather than in post-production. & some movies are banned outright; I doubt the gaming industry, like the movie industry, in this business climate will want to make anymore products that’d fail to enter the über lucrative Chinese market.

        Don’t get me wrong: I think it’s great the gaming door to China is opening wider than ever before; I think all the world should have equal access to happiness. But I fear there will be blowback. Hopefully, this (& other issues) can be resolved before tthings get outta hand. Maybe these games will even change China’s policies, but if corporations insist on cowtowing, free expression, among other values, could be lost or perverted.

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      3. I heard about that change in Dr Strange. If China views Tibet as not part of their country, they really should let them go already instead of tightening that dog collar around their neck. If Tibet can’t survive on it’s own, maybe China shouldn’t have fucked them over so much over the years.

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