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Here’s Some Lovely Concept Art From Beyond Good & Evil 2

Beyond Good & Evil 2 was confirmed to be in development over at Ubisoft, but it is still in its early stages. We probably won’t be seeing the game for a while, but for now Ubisoft has released some gorgeous concept art that should be right up your street. We still don’t know which platforms the ambitious Beyond Good & Evil 2 is coming to but we are all crossing our fingers for a Nintendo Switch version. You can check out all the art, here.


11 thoughts on “Here’s Some Lovely Concept Art From Beyond Good & Evil 2”

        1. My bad Grand Ambassador, it seemed like there were three at first glance due to there not being a border between them and the article next in line.
          And I do sincerely wish for you to know that I do not complain about Ambassador Colette’s works, she does a formidable job, and she should have rightfully have much praise for it!
          It was merely a minor complaint aimed at the last two layouts. It is simply an opinion of mine that most elements of the site are a tad large, which makes reading all these great articles less fluent, since more scrolling is necessary.

  1. I hope the gameplay for this game is awesome. I Hope it doesn’t get over hyped and then crash like Watchdogs, ME Andromeda and others.

    I can’t wait to see more!

  2. I didn’t like the E3, I was specting more games like a boomb exploding for Switch but nah, I’m starting to doubt 3rd party debts will be supporting the console which is something I didn’t watch to happend, I just don’t want another wii u shit.

    1. Nintendo themselves seem more committed and ready for their console than they were on Wii U.
      They were caught pants down with Wii U development, which is unforgivable, since they had +6 years and Wii billions to get ready for HD development.
      They hoped third parties to carry them over until they got them games ready, and third parties were like “nah”.
      It was still a good system with some really awesome games, but Nintendo saw it was not taking off, so they switched gears.
      Now they have in my opinion 1-2 good to awesome game release a month until 2018.

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