Level-5 Is Planning To Release More Titles In The West & “Looking Into” The Inazuma Eleven Series

Level-5 has been quite a help in localizing titles for western regions. Series such as Dark Cloud, Yo-kai Watch and Professor Layton have all gotten localized, thanks to Level-5. Now, the company has suggested that their plans for western localization are far from over. Not only are they planning to release more titles in the west, but they already suggested one that they are “definitely looking into”, the Inazuma Eleven series, which hasn’t seen many North American releases. The news came from Level-5’s George Valko in remarks to DualShocker when Valko was asked how the publishing experience has been for the company. Here’s what Valko had to say:

“It’s been fun and also challenging. Everything you try adds a new initial frustration and challenge, but we’ve learned a lot and it’s made us a bigger and better company. So we’re really looking forward to our next titles, we know exactly what we’re going to do and how we’re going to do it. That said, we’re looking forward to publish more and more as we release more and more games.

We followed up with a more specific question by asking if their plans include the Inazuma Eleven series, to which Valko replied, “That’s something we are definitely looking into, but we can’t really give a definitive answer at the moment.”



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