Amiibo Nintendo

A Closer Look At Nintendo’s E3 Amiibo

While Nintendo’s E3 presentation didn’t spend much time announcing new amiibo, the company revealed a handful during the Treehouse Live streams. These included Zelda, Mario, Fire Emblem and even Metroid figurines. All of them seem incredibly detailed, the squishy Metroid amiibo supposedly stealing the show. Destructoid took the time to take some high-quality photographs of the new figures. Check them out below.




  1. Well I got Tiki & Bride Peach preordered from GameStop. I was gonna go for the BotW Champion amiibo but GameStop had all 4 of them sold out. The double pack for the Metroid amiibo is also sold out! I fucking knew it. the amiibo I wanted the most are all sold out. Fucking typical Nintendo intentionally sending out shitty stock of amiibo that could very well end up in high demand!

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      1. Well you did save us both, but, sadly, Wal-Mart won’t let me complete the preorder because my debit card expires before September. (I have a damn account on Wal-Mart! Just let me make the preorder with the current card then email me later on to change to my new card when the preorder date gets closer! FUCKERS!!!) Now I got to wait til the day of release & hope to God I can actually fucking find them in the retail store of either GameStop or fucking Wal-Mart! D:<

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    1. Since you seem like an amiibo collector, I recommend paying $35 for Best Buy Gamer’s Club. 20% off new amiibo and games (up to 2 weeks after release), it adds up REAL fast. Not to mention free shipping arriving ON release date, and in-store pickup almost always being available.


    1. The preorders of Twilight Princess & Majora’s Mask Link amiibo are sold out here. With no Best Buy near me in under 30 minutes, I’m fucking screwed if the online store doesn’t get more stock. I’ll most likely have better luck with TP Link since it’s a GameStop exclusive & they’ve been good about having at least a few of the Zelda amiibo in their retail store. As for Skyward Sword Link, he’s an Amazon exclusive here so he’s not available as a preorder at all. (I think Amazon has given up on preorders for amiibo & special editions… So it’s gonna be a fight to the death to get him in the States when Amazon does put him up.) I’d give up TP Link & Skyward Sword Link amiibo for that damn Majora’s Mask Link amiibo. I want to be Fierce Deity Link at least once throughout the entire game of BotW!

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  2. Nintendo needs to stop making amiibo store exclusives. It needs to STOP! I so badly wanted Majora’s Mask Link. And it just had to be a Best Buy exclusive. It was sold out the second I heard about it, and hasn’t been back in stock since. I’m sick to death of having to force myself to go to stores the moment they open just in hopes of finding the exclusives on the shelf. And they especially need to be slapped for making them Amazon exclusives (which I heard rumors that the female Player 2 Corrin amiibo was).

    Unless they are now, I can’t figure out why none of the announced E3 amiibo are on Nintendo’s site. And for some reason, their official site won’t even load on my Wii U Gamepad (which I’m using right now).

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  3. So at this point I’m just waiting on Koopa. I missed out on 3DS special edition Metroid, and refuse to buy the 2 pack outside my Gamers Club Unlocked at Best Buy.

    For now I only have Chrom…


  4. If Amiibos weren’t so ridiculously expensive, I could really see myself collecting them. I’d rather spend the money on new games, though.


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