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Video Game Music Producer Yuzo Koshiro Isn’t A Big Fan Of The Nintendo Switch

Japanese video game music producer, Yuzo Koshiro, has produced some of the most influential role-playing video game scores to date. He’s produced for titles such as Nihon Falcom’s Dragon Slayer and Ys series, as well as ActRaiser, Beyond Oasis, The Revenge of Shinobi, Misty Blue, and the Streets of Rage. He recently sat down with Polygon and offered his (slightly negative) thoughts on the Nintendo Switch. It was made apparent that he was a little confused as to why the system exists and also that he thinks Nintendo’s games haven’t changed much over 20 years. I’ve selected some of what he’s said below but check out the full interview for more.

“Switch strikes me as a very Nintendo-like piece of hardware. The games that Nintendo makes haven’t really changed over these past 20 years. They’ve had recent hits like Splatoon, but looking at the hardware, it seems made for games like Mario, Mario Kart, Splatoon … it seems like they simply wanted to make a system that would allow them to make those games more dynamic so they could add more expression to their games.

They only really want to have people enjoy their own games more. It doesn’t really seem like they are being that adventurous with the system.

‘Why does this thing even exist, really?’ In other words, it’s a game system that will allow people to enjoy Nintendo games even more, but at the same time, I’m not really surprised by it and don’t really feel there’s anything novel about it.”




  1. ” I’m not really surprised by it and don’t really feel there’s anything novel about it.” Apart from the fact that it’s a portable home console that can play modern games like Rocket League, Steep, Skyrim and so on on the go and in the home.

    I don’t really agree with his comment, but Nintendo does tend to make hardware mainly for their games, which is kind of the downfall of the PS4 and Xbox One as they’re trying way too hard to keep up with PC and just destroyed what magic was left about Console Gaming. Still, that’s his opinion and I respect it.

    Agree to disagree.

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  2. What? You could say a lot of this about the industry as a whole… And yet, the Nintendo games have evolved. What about the other systems which are basically the exact same console and controller for nearly 20 years with just more power?

    This guy is an ass clown… wonder if something got lost in translation

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    1. I assume he’s referring to Nintendo making games for the same franchises for over 20 years now, and he’s not wrong on that. Splatoon was the first new big IP in years.
      Believe it or not, there’s people who don’t really like Mario, Zelda & co. So is he an “ass clown” for liking different games than you?

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      1. Ah, the “they like things you don’t, thus making your comment irrelevant” rebuttal. I’m going to say no, it’s because he’s clearly misinformed and says false things about such topics he knows little about.

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      2. No, he is an ass clown for stating that Nintendo is making a console that isn’t “unique” or doesn’t bring anything new to the table… Why single Nintendo out when the entire industry you could say does the same. I could argue that it isn’t the case, that Even Mario and Zelda games have been innovative throughout the years, but I can see the opinion of someone saying that based solely on the IP, but it is only a partially correct.

        He is an “ass clown” for being detrimental to one company and not others for the same thing. Something that feels empty and is a baseless slight.

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      3. Well actually, Nintendo has been making newer IPs every generation. (I will include games that have existing characters but were introduced in a new gameplay style)

        NES = Mario, Kid Icarus, Metroid, Balloon Fight, Duck Hunt, Wild Gunmen, Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, StarTropics, Punch Out, Fire Emblem (Japan Only), Kirby, Excitebike (Beginning of the Excite Series)

        SNES = Star Fox, F-Zero, Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario Kart, Mario Paint, Pilotwings, Yoshi’s Island

        N64 = Animal Crossing (Beginning of the Animal Crossing series), Super Mario 64 (3D Mario Series), Mario Golf, Mario Party, Super Smash Brothers

        NGC = Pikmin, Eternal Darkness, 1080° Avalanche, Custom Robo (Chibi Robo Series), Luigi’s Mansion, Donkey Konga series.

        Wii = Wii Series (Sports, Play, Fit etc.), Pandora’s Tower

        Wii U = Splatoon

        Switch = ARMS, SnipperClip, 1,2,Switch

        So really, the Wii U was the only time we saw less brand new IPs for a Nintendo system.

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      4. There’s something to be said about how Nintendo is able to keep their franchises popular over all that time though while others fall by the wayside. I mean, look at a game like Halo. It used to be top shit but not really anymore.

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      5. Oh man, this comments system is gonna make things difficult, hah. I’ll just reply to everyone in this one comment, so prepare for a wall of text. :^)

        @Brandon Hardacre:
        Maybe try reading and responding to the entirety of my comment, and not just the last line.
        Is it wrong that Nintendo has been working with franchises like Mario, TLoZ, Kirby & co. for more than 20 years? No, it’s not.
        Is it wrong that there are people who don’t have any particular liking towards those franchises? No, it’s not.
        So what are you trying to say? What exactly about the things he said you think makes him seem uninformed? Your comment is lacking, and I don’t really understand the point of it.

        It makes more sense to me if you’re upset about him saying Nintendo doesn’t do anything new with their consoles. You hadn’t mentioned that in your original comment, you only talked about Nintendo’s software, so I assumed his comment about their games was what bothered you.

        @Aesthetic Gremlin:
        Anything that originates from Mario’s universe is part of the Super Mario franchise, I’d say. Applies to spin-offs as well. Not denying they’re different types of games, but they still are part of the same franchise/IP.
        I’m not sure if I’d call the Wii Series its own IP, but alright, let’s say it is.
        A lot of the titles you’ve mentioned aren’t really big franchises, I made sure to mention that in my previous comment, because I had a feeling I’d get a reply like yours, hah. For example, you can’t compare the scale of the Mario IP, or even Splatoon, to Chibi Robo.
        But even if we do count in those smaller IPs, it’s still undeniable that we see the likes of Mario, Kirby etc. much, much more often than we see new stuff. Especially Mario in particular we’ve been seeing almost at least once a year ever since his debut. Thankfully, it’s different types of games, but sometimes, the same type of game does get released multiple times over a relatively short period (such as the New Super Mario Bros. games, 2 of them released in the same year).
        I see your point, but I still believe the ratio between new stuff and things we’ve been seeing over the last 20+ years isn’t too balanced. Though, your comment has helped me to disagree more with the quote in the article. I didn’t agree with it very much to begin with, as, even if Nintendo is using the same franchises over and over, they’re mostly different types of games, many of which I love. However, I can still respect his standpoint, because sometimes the mere franchise and its characters don’t appeal to someone, which I can understand. As an example, no matter what kind of game the new Rabbids + Mario crossover title is, it does not appeal to me, simply because I do not like the whole concept around the Rabbids.
        Either way, I personally don’t have much of a problem with the same franchises being reused for so long. There’s many Nintendo IPs I like a lot, and they’ve been accompanying me for pretty much my whole life. But as I’ve said before, I can still respect the guy’s opinion.

        @Mike S:
        I definitely agree with that. I can respect people’s opinions when they say they don’t like Nintendo reusing the same franchises for so long, however, that opinion doesn’t really resonate with me personally. If that bothered me so much, I wouldn’t be playing Nintendo’s games still, after so many years. They definitely do have franchises I personally don’t really like, but there’s many I love, even though they’ve been appearing regularly in the past 20+ years.
        But yea, I think it’s absolutely true when you say it’s not easy to keep a franchise popular for so long.

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  3. ||Xbot confirmed, such irrelevancy in his words, of course we create a machine first and most for our own creations, we can’t go around creating machines that doesn’t serve us first…||

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      1. ||Anyone that does not belong to an established gaming faction and is Anti-Nintendo is an Xbot by default…||

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  4. Nintendo makes next generation console that plays first party Nintendo games. Big shocker.

    Like Sony and Microsoft are doing anything different. Their last three hardware generations are bumped up specs with the same grey and brown shooters, each one marketed a bit more epically, with a different emo cover of an eighties pop hit.

    Nintendo market their hardware to everyone. Their track record with third parties is a bit suspect to date but it’s not like they’re trying to avoid third party content

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  5. To be fair he has a point, the thing that the head of Nintendo in USA said during E3 that Nintendo is about other things then hardware performace is kinda bullshit tbh, dont get me wrong i like the switch for what it is. But i’ts no revolution of a console like the Xbox ONE X is when it comes to the way it’s built and the size of it. Sure the Switch is smale and it’s a feat that it’s portable and can run games in 720p in portable mode. But it’s lagging a generation behinde the other console makers on the market. I could be wrong but i think it’s a bit of fear from Nintendos side about doing a “normal” console again and they are afraid it would fail. In my opinion the switch would have been better of as the replacement for the 3ds and if they hade made a more powerful home console other third party titles would have made their way to Nintendo as platform.. Not that i play EA sports games but just look at Fifa 18 on Switch that is not really the same version as the games on Xbox and Playstation, in the end Nintendo is just fooling themself that switch will attract other compains. But we will se what happens, i can be wrong and i am the first one to admit when i am. But atm it’s to early to say that Nintendo has stuck gold with the Switch untill it’s a been a year or so atleast.

    And dont get me wrong i like the console and Nintendos ides for the most parts :)

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    1. Don’t get me wrong but you need to really rethink this: “dont get me wrong i like the switch for what it is. But i’ts no revolution of a console like the Xbox ONE X is when it comes to the way it’s built and the size of it.”

      The Xbox One X is NO revolution. It’s like upgrading a PC. More RAM, faster processor, “vapour” cooled. To a multiplatform owning person (like myself), the Switch hands down is the most revolutionary piece of hardware to date in relation to what it can do and what it’s capable of.

      It’s not a generation behind. Honestly we have had two 8th generation consoles from Nintendo. You idiots need to stop correlating generation to power. It’s not and whatever jackass keeps telling you that is an idiot.

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      1. So i most rethink my opinion? that is just whats wrong with “fan” sites like this i can’t from my own opinion without getting attacked by angry and upset fans :)

        And for the record, i do think the Xbox ONE X is good piece of hardware and it’s allready been stated that you can’t build a PC as powerful like it for under 500 dollar. But i guess i’ll be hated on for saying that to.

        If your not aware of it the Switch uses old Maxwell Technology that has already been in Nvidias own tablet and “home” console. So it’s nothing new they are doing, they are just reusing allready outdated tech from another company. That is clocked down and games like Rocket league can’t even output 1080p. DONT get me wrong i am dont saying its a problem but i am saying that some more power would have been nice, thats why i think it was a lost opertunity to not make another slighty more powerful console. And ofc i am aware that consoles are not only about power and that it’s about so much more of what the console can do, i will allways respect Nintendo for being inovativ but if you like something your allways the biggest critic of the things you like cus you want them to do better.


      1. Why? Cus that is my opinion and not yours? I can however admit that a better wording would be “it’s an impressiv piece of technology” or something in thous lines. But dont say i lost all credibility cus i have a diffrent opinion and like i said i’ll admit the wordning was wrong and i’ll be the first to admit it.


      2. I don’t mind if you like the console but it’s far from revolutionary which is why I said u lost credibility. I have an Xbone. Haven’t bought anything for it in ages and the Onex won’t change any games coming to it, It’s just a mid tier PC for a cheaper price basically. Microsoft is also lacking in exclusives. That’s just how I feel about it you are entitled to your opinion but if you say words like that which sound as if stating a fact then expect to be challenged


    2. You do know the Xbox One X is like the PS4 Pro in that it can only do Checkerboarding to get a “4K” Resolution… it’s not a revolutionary console, it’s just an already outdated PC.

      Oh wow, it’s got a few more Flops and RAM…. Even though devs are already complaining that the console’s CPU is holding it back and most games we’re seeing are at 30fps with Checkerboard rendering instead of true on board rendering.

      Nintendo Switch is a portable and a home console built into one system that you can take your HD Gaming experience on the go and in the home, THAT’S REVOLUTIONARY!

      PS4 Pro and Xbox One X are just trying too hard to keep up with PC and end up being cheap outdated PCs, that’s NOT revolutionary…

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      1. It’s ture that the correct label for 720p is “HD” and that 1080p is “Full HD” and that you don’t really need more for that small screen, so your correct in saying that it’s HD on the go. But like i stated before.. i am not hating on Nintendo and the Switch, you dont need to defend it with teeth and claw :P I am admitning allready to have been wrong with my wordning about the ONE X the word i was looking for was “an impressiv piece of technology” you can calm down now, we are on the same side and i like all parts of gaming as much as everyone else on this site :)

        Just want to say so that no one goes after me, that i also think it’s a feat that Nintendo have made with the Switch, but it’s also buit on a already outdated piece of tech from nvidia, however it’s nothing wrong with that since it’s cheaper to produce and despite the price of the switch is affordable for the consumer. i think Nintendo made what Nvidia really wanted to make with their Shield tablet and they did a good job with doing that Nintendo.

        When it comes to the whole 4K resolution thing and checkerboard rendering and all that it’s a shame and i know about that allready, for what i know so far it’s only Forza 7 that is using “true 4k at 60fps” but if its only one game so far and it’s a first party studio it’s not really giving the console the push it might need. ofc it will be underpowerd compared to a PC this days if you speed abit more then 500 dollar :)


    3. To call the Xbox 1 X a revolutionary console is a quite excessive. I admit that it’s an amazing piece of technology, but it does nothing to revolutionize gaming. It’s not like the Wii, which implemented motion controls, a feature that continues to be used today. This entire generation, with the possible exception of the Switch, has been little more than an upgrade of the last generation: better performance and better visuals. Whether or not the Switch is revolutionary remains to be seen. The ability to bring your console games with you wherever you go is something new. What will make it revolutionary is if it becomes a standard feature going forward.


      1. Like i said before i used the word “revolutionary” at the wrong time, i’ll be the first time admit that :) I was aiming for the word impressiv and in the setence “it’s a impressiv peice of techonolgy” and for that price it actuelly is. Not here to make enemies and start wars in the comments :P I was watching the Digital Foundary video about the tech of the Xbox ONE X and he was talking in general that the leap consoles make in performance now is alot smaller then it was in the jump from PS3 to PS4. What he said was however obivous and known already, but that said it since the progress of tech has kind of slowed down abit more like he stated in the video, no one knows that the priece and performance leap will be for upcoming consoles after this “mid generation refresh”. only time will tell i guess.


  6. 1. Clickbait headline is clickbait headline.
    2. There’s a whole great interview around this. Please take the time to read it.
    3. He doesn’t hate the system. He just considers it a bit too “safe” in design.

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  7. The man has a point. Nintendo systems have been nothing but gimmicks for many years that cater only to their franchises. Doing your own thing in an industry like gaming can backfire hard. If nintendo doesn’t keep up with the industry then the cycle of failure and success will just continue. I don’t know why it’s so hard for nintendo to just make a damn console that 3rd party want so 3rd party can release their games for it.

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    1. Going head to head with two other companies that have decades of experience designing powerhouse electronics in an industry like gaming can backfire hard. It’s so easy to suggest that Nintendo just make a console on par with the Pro and 1X, but it’s not so simple to execute; and that approach has historically been much less likely to result in financial success.


    2. I have been saying that for a while now that Nintendo should have made the Switch the successor to the 3DS line of consoles and made a more powerful home console. But this has since the wii been the way Nintendo do things, the cater to their own IP and kinda push everything else under the rug. There are some 3rd party titels for the Switch and some upcoming but it’s nothing close to what it could be. But i am sure someone will hate on me for saying that to. Even if its obvious.


      1. Something I have noticed when reading through all your comments is that your english is appalling. You look like some Grade 1 kid being all “The Switch is so dumb cause it isn’t powerful enough.” Well have you though of this? What if the aim of the Switch was to make a new Market for Nintendo to dominate instead of them trying to fight the other two companies for the most powerful console. That makes much more sense as if they are creating there own market they have less people to compete with. And while sure it’s still competing against Xbox and Playstation it’s on a different level to them. While those two consoles are all about “Power” the switch is about accessibility. It is also attracting people who don’t really care to buy the power houses.


  8. Who?

    But honestly this is just click bait for the fanboys to come and defend their precious.

    The truth is the whole industry has gotten dry, otherwise mobile wouldn’t be eating their lunch. Now you need multiple machines to satisfy a true gaming urge.


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