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Rocket League Dev On How Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Prompted Team To Port Game To Switch And More

If you, like this news contributor, hear about how amazing Rocket League is on other consoles almost daily then you’ll be happy to know that the Switch’s version is shaping up to be just as polished. IGN spoke with Vice President Jeremy Dunham and Producer Bobby Garza at Psyonix for more details about the Switch version. First up is info about the frames-per-second performance for Nintendo’s platform:

“Performance was what mattered most to us, so we aim to make sure that the game runs at 60 fps docked and undocked,” Dunham explained. That effort to maintain the performance of Rocket League as it plays on other systems is in part why the game will have a native resolution of 720p.

Psyonix also confirmed that we’ll get all the features in the Nintendo Switch version of Rocket League that are available on other platforms. This includes Season mode, Hoops, Drop Shot, Rumble, and Snowday.

What’s interesting is that they bring up the insanely popular Mario Kart 8 Deluxe citing that the existence of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe spurred them on to bring Rocket League to Nintendo Switch:

“We weren’t entirely sure it was going to be possible for a lot of technical reasons, but I thought we should absolutely try it after playing through the Mario Kart [multiplayer]”

“The fact that they’re getting 60 fps docked and undocked, even in splitscreen [with two players in Mario Kart 8] is a huge thing for us,” Garza said. “And then how seamless the multiplayer experience is. Their lobby system isn’t as complex as ours, but it’s so easy to use.”

You can read the full interview and feature here.




18 thoughts on “Rocket League Dev On How Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Prompted Team To Port Game To Switch And More”

  1. Love how these guys are just like “Eh, if Mario Kart can play this good on this little console, we can get Rocket League running it too”. Also, the fact that they’ve said the Switch version will be getting all the content that the other platforms get AND bonus EXCLUSIVE content like the Mario Hat, makes this a one day purchase for me.

  2. Now if only I could get my hands on a Switch…*sigh* I guess it’s true what they say, money can’t buy happiness or Switches

  3. Nintendo version porting 101:

    Don’t botch the version and charge full price and more for it. Don’t release it riddled with glitches and frame rate issues and blame the system specs. Don’t make excuses for putting out a 💩 game.

    Thank you Psyonix! You’ve earned my wallet’s respect. 💵💳💸💰

  4. I was hoping for this game to come to the Switch one day because if you look at it from all angles, it’s a natural fit for the system. This is going to be a game that I can see myself playing for a long time…… glad Psyonix came to their senses….I will be buying your massively fun game

  5. “We weren’t entirely sure it was going to be possible for a lot of technical reasons,”

    In other words, specs are a factor in porting. This is probably surprising to a lot of people on here.

  6. I’m really glad they’re not sacrificing much to get the game running smoothly on the Switch. 60fps 720p is a realistic goal, and I’m happy it’ll be getting complete feature parity with other systems, compared to some other half-assed Switch ports. I can’t wait to play this on my Switch, it seems like a really good fit!

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