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Capcom Has Explained Why Monster Hunter World Isn’t Called Monster Hunter 5

Monster Hunter World isn’t coming to Nintendo platforms which is a huge blow for the fans who have followed the franchise and don’t own a PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC. However, Capcom has explained today that Monster Hunter World is the next main Monster Hunter game, so it isn’t a spin-off or anything. It is all but Monster Hunter 5 minus the name. We are still waiting for Capcom to confirm Monster Hunter XX for the Nintendo Switch here in the west.

This is the next main Monster Hunter game. Our Osaka team is working on it. We’ve brought in some people who are more familiar with next-gen technology to come in and help us adapt it for the current generation of consoles. When you have a series that runs into the higher numbers, I think the numbers themselves start to become off-putting. New players might think, “Oh, I’ve missed four games already, I can’t possibly join at this point.” Just because we’ve taken the number off the title doesn’t mean it’s not a main Monster Hunter game. We just wanted to have “world” in the title because it speaks to the concept of the game in a variety of ways. This is the first simultaneous worldwide release for the game, and the servers are global this time.

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    1. Yes, but if I’m not wrong, weren’t all of the previous games strictly on Nintendo systems? Meaning that casual Playstation/Xbox players are unfamiliar with the series? I don’t know, but if that’s the case, then it seems like a reasonable response to me.


      1. …. You do know PlayStation and Xbox barely have any casuals, if any at all.
        Most of the casuals either drifted back onto the Switch or are on Mobile now, they couldn’t care less about the PS4, Xbox One and PC.
        I believe as soon as Nintendo hits that 10 Million Units mark for their Switch (And I mean sold to consumers, not to retailers), than Monster Hunter World and many of the other games skipping out on Switch will most likely start developing on the Switch.

        Always remember,
        The bigger the install base, the bigger the money flow.

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      2. @Aestheticc Gremlin
        I would argue that MOST Xbox owners are casuals. You know, the kind of people who buy a console and then only buy each new version of call of battlefield or halo or elder scroll and nothing else… just the most popular AAA title at that moment. The kind of people who have never watched an E3 stream or even been on gaming website. Most people I have met who ONLY own an xbox seem to be this way (not ALL mind you just MOST). A Hardcore gamer knows about all the games coming to their system because gaming is what they DO. A casual is just someone who plays whatever everyone else is playing. That’s how I think of it anyways. Not that there is anything wrong with playing games like that. The more people supporting the game industry the better I say, casual or not.

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      3. @Nowhere Man Thank you for clearing that up.

        @Aestheticc Gremlin Every console on the market contains a major casual audience which overshadows the hardcore fanbase. I’m not saying “PS4 or Xbox are for casuals because I own one of the two, but the casual market will always overshadow the hardcore in size (except in some cases.)


      4. @Aesthetic Gremlin…Every console has casual players. My brother in law is a casual player now. Only play Sony’s baseball game and nothing else. I don’t know what you definition of a casual player is but you can’t have big numbers in consoles and games without casual players. The core gaming market is not big enough to make the console numbers large enough.

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      5. Looking at how many potential players there are on the respective consoles gives them a big enough reason to develop for Playstation, Xbox and PC and the game looks more graphically impressiv. I am sure the can scale that down for the Switch.


    1. I only featured this post as I thought it was interesting. There’s lots of Monster Hunter fans on the site given the platforms the series has appeared on. Thought they might want to read this one :)

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      1. Ummmm ok. I don’t see how that was called for. I didn’t even complain. I made a mere suggestion. It’s interesting that you responded to me that way for a little constructive criticism when a number of other people on here are flat out indignant.

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      2. That escalated quickly.

        I’m glad Sickr reported on it, because even as a proclaimed cross-console gamer, this is the only gaming blog I read. I might get some additional news from YouTube, but I just like how this blog is on top of everything and it’s reviews are top notch.

        That said, I may not share Ridley’s opinion, but it’s not like he was being an asshole or anything. No need to get bitchy! :D


      1. Are you suprised that people are acting that way? Sadly i am allways expecting loads of whine and crying in threads on what ever site i am reading news or posts on this days. Sad that no one can just ejoy things for what they are, if the game is not coming to one console or platform. then don’t whine about it, just leave it be or you can allways invest in a another console or a PC in this case. Whining wont make capcom release it and on the point of why it’s not coming to switch.. well i think that one is kinda clear. it can’t handle it, or at least that what i think :)

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      2. @akaRappen That’s one statement that needs to go away. If they wanted to they can make the game on Atari 2600. Any console can handle any game it just depend on how much work and how much sacrifice you need to make.


  1. I dont give a fkc for this company anymore, It is enough to have brought a remake game for 40 dollars and still with the titles as monster hunter xx not to come to the west but this new crap to the whole world, I do not want to know more, fuck u crapcom


  2. Wait a few more years after Monster Hunter has switched over to other platforms, we’ll be saying, “Man, I’ve missed out on 4 games because they switched over consoles, I can’t possibly joking back in now”


  3. Like many others I’m extremely disappointed in Capcom. One of the main draws to me for the Monster Hunter series was the portability. Being able to play anytime and anywhere helped me survive many a long car ride and it was great to get together with a group of friends and hut face to face. That portability made the game for me. I was really looking forward to XX, and them not only not announcing it but also saying they don’t want to do anything with it so they can focus 100% on World makes me want nothing to do with it. I might have been tempted to give World a try when it comes out for PC if Capcom would at least let us know they are still making portable Monster Hunter titles, but as things are now I don’t want to give them any support. The only thing coming to the West is Monster Hunter Stories and the only reason we are getting that is because Nintendo stepped in to release it. That doesn’t give me much hope for the series future. You can tell me they wouldn’t be foolish enough to completely ditch portable MH because that’s what sells in Japan, but this is the same company that killed off MegaMan Legends 3 because the fans weren’t interested in making the game for them. At this point anything can happen, I’m just hoping they don’t abandon us portable focused hunters.

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  4. This is an exercise in westernisation and in getting Japanese gamers to invest in PlayStation. Despite strong sales in Japan in the west the franchise doesn’t sell. A more western looking game will introduce new gamers and appeal to those who own the other two consoles. It’s not right but it’s how they want to play it


  5. it’s not like any other Monster Hunter game. they are making it easy for the north american audience. they are adding health bars to monsters (which i think is stupid and if there is no option to turn that off i don’t want the game) and making the towns easier to access.


  6. Once I’m finished with the Assassin’s Creed games on PS4, I think I’ll get back to Toukiden Kiwami so I can finish up the story & get the sequel. Then beat the story for that so I can be ready for Monster Hunter World when it releases next year.


  7. look at you fanboy retards whining and cursing capcom. just play it on another console. if you only own nintendo systems then you’re only hurting yourself. what dumbass would want a game to fail because it’s not coming to your preferred console. you all make me sick.

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    1. When you speak out against Nintendo fanboys, you can be sure Headache isn’t too far behind. (Since you pointed out the fanboys, I know you weren’t talking about the people that can’t afford more than a Nintendo console as they aren’t really fanboys. They just have more important priorities.)


  8. I wonder how well my Surface Book with Performance Base can handle this game.

    Still want a PS4 for Kingdom Hearts III though.


  9. So in case people don’t realize WHY fans are upset at Capcom let’s take a moment to look at what exactly they JUST did.

    Monster Hunter World not coming to the Switch is not the problem. It’s Capcom and their shit practices. Why on Earth would you not release a game that only requires a translation and a port in the West with as large a Install base that the 3ds has and as many people that are still buying Switches. Why do you put time and money into a 5 time port of a 20 year old game that absolutely no one asked for and then charge 40 freaking bucks for it? Not only that but then release a statement stating that future support of games similar to this would be based on how many people buy said game for the 7th time….

    THAT is the problem people have with Capcom. Don’t say you’re going to support a system and then half ass it with shit that no one wants while completely ignoring the things that people ACTUALLY want which are easy enough to make.


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