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Tickets To Pokémon GO Fest Sold Out In Under 30 Minutes

Hoping to attend Niantic’s first official Pokémon GO Fest in Chicago? It looks like you’re out of luck. Tickets to the event sold out in under 30 minutes of going on sale. While Pokémon GO isn’t nearly as popular as it was a year ago, it seems that it still has an extremely dedicated fan-base. The event is taking place in Chicago’s Grant Park on July 22nd as a celebration of the app’s first anniversary. As well as unlocking an exclusive in-game medal, Niantic will be releasing a handful of rare Pokémon at the event. Did you manage to catch a ticket? Tell us below.


  1. Not at all surprising, honestly.
    I keep hearing people online say that this game is dead, and yet every day at work I see multiple people come to the checkout with their phone out and Pokemon GO playing on it.

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