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Super Mario Odyssey Levels Dynamically Evolve

Game Informer has published a huge interview with Super Mario Odyssey director Kenta Motokura and producer Yoshiaki Koizum. There’s a number of interesting points raised and information divulged so I would urge you to give it a read. One of the more intriguing things mentioned is that the levels in Super Mario Odyssey dynamically evolve after a period of time, so you’ll undoubtedly notice some changes that weren’t there before.

Do the levels change as you play through them? Do they evolve? There’s that desert level with like a lot of ice, so I thought, “Oh, maybe you melt the ice at some point.” How much will Mario’s actions effect the shape of a level?
Motokura: I can’t say specifically as to whether or not the ice vanishes from the sand area, but the kingdoms do change throughout the progress of the game. When you first enter into a level, you’ll get a title for that period of time you’re there, and then as you progress through the level, you will see changes in that (level) so the next time you go in you’ll get a different title.

Koizumi: Any time you enter a stage you see a main title that gives you like the main critical path objective, and when you keep doing those in order you will get the course to change.




    1. I mean, you don’t really know it’s REAL Prime just because it’s called 4. It could definitely be a follow up to Federation Force for all we know that’s just being called Metroid Prime 4 ;0)


  1. Glad they’re bringing this mechanic back for Odyssey. It’s not anything new (from what I gather) but not nearly enough Mario games do this. Yet the ones that do are considered some of the best Mario games to exist.

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