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Video: Arcade Bunny Delivers Special Farewell Message To Players

After over a year of constant updates, the Nintendo Badge Arcade is no longer making new badges. While the arcade will remain open, the lovable Arcade Bunny provided the game with a lovely send-off message. As well as thanking all the developers, Arcade Bunny announced a handful of celebratory badges related to the game. Alongside another set of Pokemon badges, these mark the final new collectables to be added to Nintendo Badge Arcade. Are you sad to see the game come to an end? Tell us below.



  1. Even though I didn’t pay much to play, (a dollar to play seems a bit much) I did enjoy the free parts. If it was only 50 cents, then I’d pay more to play, 25 would’ve been better. But its still sad to see the Arcade closing, but glad that it remains open for us that are willing to collect everything in the Arcade. Hopefully we’ll see a Switch version, or at least a sequel.


  2. At the end of the day, you were just a cash grab. Once I got certain amiibo, I stopped using you. Good riddance!

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