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Rocket League On Nintendo Switch Is Priced The Same As Other Platforms

Nintendo Switch owners will be pleased to hear that the Nintendo Switch version of Rocket League costs $19.99 – the same exact price as other platforms. The upcoming release will also have all of the same content, features and updates that have been released on other platforms – in addition to exclusive Battle-Cars and Customization Items, such as Mario and Luigi hat Toppers. Rocket League is scheduled to arrive later this year on Nintendo Switch.


26 thoughts on “Rocket League On Nintendo Switch Is Priced The Same As Other Platforms”

    1. Rocket League’s very indie- I believe this is developer Psyonix’s only game, but it’s really popular. As for why it’s so cheap, I’m not sure, but remember indies typically can’t demand high prices for their products like AAA and first-party devs can (there are few exceptions, of course).

      1. They have a few other games too, and Rocket League is actually a sequel, it’s not the first game in the series. The first one was released in 2008 and was called Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars. Rolls right off the tongue!

    2. Yeah it’s an indie game. There’s only really one mode in the game, which is multiplayer, online and offline. It’s a very polished and fun game though. With lots of customization for your car.

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  2. Well I mean I didnt doubt that it would be the same price but I guess with the recent happenings with games being more costly on switch thats good to hear

  3. I usually never complain about the layout, but wish you would go back to the one before this one. Not digging the new front page, simply too many news.

  4. It’s kinda sad that a game being priced the same on Switch as it is on other platforms is now news. Let’s hope that the few devs that have charged more for Switch end up being the exceptions rather than the rule.

  5. I wonder if Switch will be getting Fortnight. It’s looking really fun. Can’t wait for Paid early access!

  6. THANK GOODNESS. I preordered it on Amazon and they had a $60 place holder. I was worried there for a bit. I’m so glad they are doing this! I even bugged them on Twitter about bringing it to Switch. Makes me feel like I actually made a difference. ^^

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