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Here’s All The Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo Close Up In 4K

Amiibo are still proving to be incredibly lucrative for Nintendo so it is not surprising to have seen a whole host of new ones revealed during E3 in Los Angeles. The batch which will probably prove to be most popular are the stylish Super Mario Odyssey amiibo followed by the Metroid themed ones. To give us a closer look Tilmen recently attended a post-E3 event where he was able to film the delightful figures. Check them out, below.



      1. by next gen, do you mean in 10 years? If there’s a new nintendo console in 5 years, it will either be 1k upscaled or 2k upscaled


      1. They aren’t butchering the cash cow but they damn sure aren’t treating it very well, either. There are still plenty of amiibo that have not gotten a restock that some people still want.


  1. Good thing I only wanted Princess Bride Peach out of this collection. Now if only I could have preordered the Metroid amiibo dual pack & the BotW Champion amiibo. Oh & the Majora’s Mask, Twilight Princess, & Skyward Sword Link amiibo. But nope. Dumbtendo made the stock shitty for those.


      1. Of course it exists here since I am on the internet. I prefer to trust an actual store, though, that I know for certain will send me the product I paid for. I shouldn’t have to rely on eBay to get something Nintendo should have stocked better knowing full well it unlocks stuff in one of their biggest games out this year.

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      2. Ok but Walmart and Best Buy been instock with the amiibos especially Mario odssessy amiibo there not sell out I can see the problem if you want a store brought amiibo but your better off getting it online also why don’t you trust eBay I know they are scammers on there but every seller has a ratings on there I prefer to buy from sellers that have 98-100 rating since brought most of my switch items and amiibo there doing fine now the only place I know is sold out on amiibo is amazon that’s pretty much it


      3. lol that’s actually true knowing some scalpers they will buy the samus amiibo and try to sell the, double there price since they know true metroid fans would buy that it’s kinda weird odssessy amiibo haven’t sold out yet


      4. It’s Mario. Nintendo is gonna make damn sure those are very well stocked for a while.

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      5. Dude, you’d be shocked how easy it is to get what you need from eBay. And majority of products have eBay’s guarantee for getting money back. Besides, ratings speak volumes and with the stuff we’re dealing with it has to be official. I used to hate eBay, now I think I have a problem…So much cool stuffz to buy….

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      6. Well it’ll sadly have to wait til next month as I’m broke right now. So I couldn’t use eBay even if I wanted to. Knowing my luck, though, the cheap ones will be gone & only the bullshittedly priced ones will be left.

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      7. Me too I literally didn’t trust them untill I wanted to get a switch I brought them and was able to contact the sellers nice and easy and got all my items I order days after the order gotta love that fast free shipping


  2. Already preordered Mario peach and bowser wedding amiibo never actually purchase a Mario bowser and peach amiibo anyways but these new Ones look like some neat custom amiibo I only had a super Mario Rosalina amiibo


    1. (Damn it! I thought I had my comment below in reply to you! *tries again*) They don’t seem to be exclusive as GameStop has a page for all 4 of them on their website. They are, regrettably, sold out, though. :/


  3. They don’t seem to be exclusive as GameStop has a page for all 4 of them on their website. They are, regrettably, sold out, though. :/


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