Nintendo Switch

Video: 4K Footage Of The Breath Of The Wild Champion Amiibo

The various Champions in Breath of the Wild are all memorable characters. Recognising this, Nintendo announced at E3 that they would all be receiving amiibo. While we still don’t know exactly what their function will be, the gorgeous figures alone are certainly worth your attention. Just like the other E3 figurines, TiLMENDOMiNATiON has uploaded some awesome 4K footage of all four amiibo If you’re on the fence about investing in these, I’m sure this video will sway you.



    1. They are REALLY into it, too! xD Poor Mipha looks a little embarrassed. Maybe a little scared? Revali… Hm. I don’t know about him.

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    1. He definitely has have an ego, that’s for sure. But I still like him for some reason. He would have been awesome rival material if he wasn’t dead.


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