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Star Fox 2 Programmer Is Super Excited That The Game Is Finally Coming Out

One of the original programmers behind Star Fox 2, which has never been released but will finally be playable with the SNES Mini, has expressed his surprise and excitement to Kotaku about the fact that gamers will finally be able to play the game. Kotaku caught up with Dylan Cuthbert via email to ask him how he felt once he heard the news:

“It made my day. It’s bloody awesome!”

“Totally weirded out and totally psyched, I mean, I had completely given up on the chance that it might come out. I spent two years of hard work making it and loved every minute. Finally people get to see all the little cool tweaks and things, all the touches and special ideas we threw in there. This game had so much experimentation at the start and that really shows in some of the encounters you’ll come across.”

“I hope people don’t think they cleared the game with just one play through! In that sense, it is a very unique game.”





  1. I now give ZERO fucks about sfz thanks to this game. I’m so happy for starfox fans finally getting what is effectively a new game! I’d get it myself if the snes classic wasn’t so damn hard to preorder -_-

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    1. In addition to shortages, there is the risk that Nintendo is not making these to meet demand. It might just be another “collector’s item” and not being produced for Nintendo gamers. Just Collector’s willing to pay hundreds of dollars, in which case they would be shafting actual fans again.

      I hope that isn’t the case this time around. We’ll know soon.

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    1. Of course no Krystal. She didn’t exist when Star Fox 2 was in development. In fact, she wouldn’t even be a Star Fox character today if Miyamoto didn’t talk Rare into turning Dinosaur Planet, which went into development after Diddy Kong Racing released, into Star Fox Adventures.

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    2. Of course not, considering she wasn’t even created at the time. But I kind of understand, I was a bit sad to see she wasn’t in Zero either. When I was a little girl she was the reason I even showed interest in the games, lol.

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  2. Hey, look! It’s Bill & Katt of Star Fox 64 before they became Bill & Katt! And Bill apparently went through a sex change.

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  3. I’m honestly just as excited! I can’t wait to finally play this game. Sure it’s a dated game, but no doubt it will be a fun one to play through.

    On a side note, I wonder if Nintendo will count this as official lore. Technically this takes place after SF Zero (SF 64). I think it’d be cool if they did. I mean games have done this before where games releasing back then are sequels to games coming out now in terms of story progression, so it wouldn’t be too weird.

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    1. I’m wondering that myself. Will Star Fox 2 be put into the canon or will it continue to be ignored even though it’s finally getting released?


      1. This has much more in common with Zero than it does 64, especially considering the transforming mechanic which SF2 also has. I hope it becomes canon… at least until Miyamoto decides to retcon the storyline yet again.

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      2. Yeah. When something goes to shit, instead of fixing it, let’s just ignore it, move onto something new (Wii U to Switch,) or fully erase it from history by retconning the entire thing (this will sadly be Other M which had some good ideas for story but just did a shitty job with portraying Samus’s breakdown scene with no fucking in-game explanation of why she broke down in the first fucking place afterwards by way of another monologue! We went most of the game with Samus explaining what’s going on in monologues yet suddenly it’s not a good idea for one! It’s like they were intentionally trying to piss off most of the core Metroid fans with that scene!)

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      3. Star Fox Zero was actually one or two ideas away from being a great game- the dual perspective mechanic just muddled the whole experience. I still play it from tine to time; I’ve decided to hang onto it as it was the last SF game my friend and I played before he perished in his accident, and for the tribute to Iwata at the end.

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  4. This makes me wonder just how many games that Nintendo fully completed, but never released. I’ll never forget my extreme disappointment when Earthbound 64 got cancelled. Though it eventually became Mother 3 in Japan (and on a handheld, which doesn’t have the same impact).

    I’m SO glad that I’m a fan of the Star Fox series. At least, a moderate fan. It’s the only space shooter sort of game that I’ve ever cared anything for. It seems almost unreal to be able to play a previously unreleased first-party Nintendo game.

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