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2D Hand-Drawn Game “Original Journey” Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

Indie game publisher Another Indie has announced that it is bringing Original Journey to multiple platforms, including Nintendo Switch, later this summer. An exact release date is currently unknown, but stay tuned for any updates. Original Journey is described as a 2D hand-drawn, sci-fi action-adventure, in which players are tasked with joining the Ato army as they embark on a mission to save their homeland. You can check out a trailer for the game below:




    1. Same, I very much enjoy hand drawn games.

      The WiiU had… umm… Paper Universe, or something. It was very glitchy, but oh so fun. It’s a SHUMP (shoot’em up) RPG. I still go back to play it from time to time.


      1. Are you thinking of Ballpoint Universe? Because after a quick search, it looks odd and intriguing.
        My favorite hand drawn game so far is Hollow Knight. It’s not on a Nintendo system yet, but I highly recommend it when it is.

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      2. YES!! Ballpoint Universe. If you like side shooters with RPG elements, it’s so fun. And it even had a campaign mode with a decent story-line.

        It froze more often than I’d like, but it’s a very fun game if you like that sorta thing.


  1. The meaning of “hand-drawn” is really stretched here! Any modern 2D game, like Rayman for example, is drawn by hand with a tablet on a computer. The working process was no different with this game. The only difference is the pencil-on-paper artstyle. It’s misleading to call this “hand-drawn” when in fact it’s no different from any other modern 2D game!


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