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Amazon UK Now Says Rayman Legends For Nintendo Switch Is Out September 12th

Those of you who have pre-ordered Rayman Legends Definitive Edition for the Nintendo Switch via Amazon UK should have received an email from the company stating that the game should be available on September 12th. Rayman’s latest adventure hasn’t had a release date on the Nintendo Switch and a date wasn’t mentioned during Ubisoft’s E3 conference. However, dates are subject to change for games, so we shall wait and see!

Source: Amazon UK email.

11 thoughts on “Amazon UK Now Says Rayman Legends For Nintendo Switch Is Out September 12th”

  1. The fact they didn’t say anything at E3 speaks volumes. I would’ve bought it if it was seriously expanded but I’m highly doubting it.

    No buy.

  2. i havent checked recently but i think i clocked in like 800 hours of this game on the Wii U, that includes the game itself and the Challenges App. i 100%’d, got close to 3 million lums, and at one point was in the top 100 on the leaderboards (i think my highest ever was 26 worldwide). despite how fun it was back then, that was 4 years ago. i want something new

  3. Isn’t this game from 2013? I’d rather just take a new Rayman at this point as I already have this for Wii U (just haven’t played it yet- finding three more friends to play it with is hard work for me).

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