Video: Watch As Miyamoto And Others Play ‘The Nintendo Guessing Game’

Filmed at E3 just a few weeks ago, Shigeru Miyamoto, Yoshiaki Koizumi, Hisashi Nogami, and Yosuke Kabuki from Nintendo all took part in ‘The Nintendo Guessing Game’. I’m not entirely sure why this came to be but in true Nintendo fashion, the randomness shines through and it’s quite entertaining to watch. ‘What is their favourite Joy-Con controller’ to ‘who is their favourite squid sister’ are just some of the questions that were asked. Give it a watch for yourself:

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Miyamoto a few years back and it’s great to still see him smiling so widely as he was back then!



    1. Watching such an adorable video and then reading your negative comment was not a good idea.

    2. What kind of questions were you expecting, then? “If Miyamoto became a zombie, would you put him down or let him shamble on?”

      Really, genuinely curious here.

      1. I don’t remember what I thought was lacking when I wrote my comment, but I gave the video a quick rewatch.

        The question that stood the most out to me was “favorite Joy-con”. Nothing interesting (or fun) about that at all, in my opinion. I enjoyed the favorite game question, the rest were okay.

        Maybe I’m not who this video is intended for, but I guess I just excited to see what questions they were asked. What I got was Joy-Con colors…

      2. *I forgot: I didn’t really dislike the video, just thought the questions were a bit lacking. Love the Nintendo people, always put a smile on my face!

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