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Metroid: Samus Returns Developers Say It’s Been An Incredible Honour Working With Nintendo

No doubt many of you who own a Nintendo 3DS are desperately looking forward to the upcoming Metroid: Samus Returns which launches on the platform in September. Game Reactor managed to catch up with Enric Alvarez, the head of MercurySteam, who have been charged with developing the game. Alvarez says it has been both an amazing experience and an incredible honour with work alongside the Kyoto-based company.

“It has been an amazing experience and an incredible honor. We learned a lot from the best, Nintendo. These days, we often pinch ourselves just in case we are in a dream.”

“We have been working with the best. I think this explains pretty much everything about how things went during the development. We were very impressed about the devotion, the care and the quality Nintendo treats the product, and we learned a lot from that.”

“Long time fans are going to be extremely pleased. The game is the result of both, on one hand is a Nintendo game, a Metroid game, and on the other hand, I think people will see the MercurySteam influence.”

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      1. I mean, the whole point of having Metroid back is to get even more Metroid games. Plus some people prefer the 2D formula over the 3D/Prime one. I’m excited for both of these Metroid games, but me wishing that there will be more after them doesn’t mean I’m displeased with what we’re getting. It just means that I’m hopeful for even more from a series that I love.

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    1. I got the special edition preordered on GameStop. I can’t wait to take the songs from the CD, put the files onto the computer, then move the files to my n3DS.

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  1. I see the MercurySteam influence. When I first saw gameplay for Samus Returns I immediately saw the resemblance to Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate. When I found out that MercurySteam was developing it, everything made sense. Mirror of Fate is an Excellent 2.5D Metroidvania game, I’m sure Samus Returns will be too.


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