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Best Buy: Get $10 Gift Card When Buying Super Mario Odyssey Digital Or Physical

If you are looking for somewhere to pre-order the upcoming smash hit Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch then you will want to head on over to Best Buy. The North American retailer is offering a $10 gift card if you purchase the physical or digital edition of the 3D Mario adventure. That’s not a bad offer at all!




  1. This is a great deal if you’re wanting to preorder the digital version. For physical, Amazon’s every-physical-game-preorder-ever deal is still better ($12 off instead of $10, and on top of that you get that $12 in the form of the purchase price actually being cheaper in the first place instead of store credit).

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    1. Amazon’s 20% off is only for Prime members and for up to 2 weeks after a game releases. Best Buy’s Gamer’s Club Unleashed is $30 for a 2 year membership, gives 20% off any game, no matter when it was released and what sale it already has going on. So here, Mario is $47.99, gives you 25 point + 25 points for doing a review (you need 250 for a $5 gift card) and a $10 gift card. I bought my GCU membership when they were running a visa checkout promotion for $25 off a $100 purchase when I preordered controllers for my Switch. Best Buy is absolutely the best one to watch if you buy a lot of games.

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      1. Define work. The review? Easily skippable and not really the point here. Best Buy’s GCU >= Amazon Prime savings on most game purchases, without any difference in effort between the two. If you want to put extra effort into it you can do even better. I keep an eye on Cheapassgamer so I know when there’s something worth jumping on, and that does most of the work for me.


    2. I’m pretty sure that’s only for Prime members. But if you have Best Buy’s Gamer Club Unlocked (which is MUCH cheaper than a Prime membership) you get the same deal – but it’s for EVERY new game, not just preorders. So you can still get the $12 off from that plus a $10 card at Best Buy. Sounds pretty sweet to me!


  2. To the discussion about Best Buy VS Amazon, I’ll stick with my Amazon Prime 20% off since there are other things I get with having Prime like free 2 day shipping, Amazon’s cloud storage for pictures, videos, & other things, free music to listen to on Amazon Music, can watch free movies on their Amazon Video thingy, free Kindle books, etc. So $9.99 a month is actually pretty cheap when you put all of this stuff together. When Best Buy offers all of that for less, then I’ll bite.


    1. That’s legit. I already have Prime but buy enough games after the initial 2 week release that it justifies the $15 a year, especially since Nintendo games never go on sale.


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