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Fire Emblem Warriors Will Have Local Co-Op, No Online Features Planned “At This Point”

Nintendo Life sat down with Yosuke Hayashi of Koei Tecmo and Masahiro Higuchi of Intelligent Systems for an interview that took place at this year’s E3. They discussed their upcoming project, Fire Emblem Warriors, which releases worldwide on the Nintendo Switch later this year. At one point, local and online multiplayer was discussed, and Hayashi answered them very bluntly. Here’s what he had to say:

Is Fire Emblem Warriors going to have local split screen, similar to Hyrule Warriors?

Hayashi-san: Yes. We anticipated people would like that kind of gameplay, so we’ve made local co-op available where you can separate the joy-con from the system and play split screen.

Is there any plan for any type of online functionality?

Hayashi-san: At this point we don’t have any online functionality, it’s more offline multiplayer.



      1. How would the ability of playing the same modes online in any way deter your couch experience?
        Sure, it is amazing that some companies still offers local coop/splitscreen at all, but offering the same ability over online would be a plus.
        And does this mean coop is restricted to single console? No local coop with 2 switches?

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  1. It’s a Nintendo console.
    If you want solid online and any kind of social interaction, yet in thee wrong place matees.
    Will Splatoon 2 allow voice chat on the battle field with your team this time around? Because that would be effin awesome.

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    1. xD Your spell check did a terrible job this time around! But I managed to figure it out what you were saying.

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    1. Nintendo won’t even support modern online for one of it’s flagship games, Splatoon, that is centered around online. So, I think people have a right to slap Nintendo for not having a clue with online in 2017.

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      1. I’m also glad that they are delaying the pay online service for another year. Also, this series wasn’t meant to have an online functionally if you know what I mean, I would say this game been in development around the release of Hyrule warriors.

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    2. Except for the simple fact it hurts absolutely NOTHING to put it in as a bonus for those that do want it. So yes. Online should be slapped on every single game that allows for more than 1 person to play it. This is the same bullshit Miyamoto said when he didn’t want to give Star Fox Zero online multiplayer. If he wasn’t so damn focused on the gimmick that the majority, even those that played the entire game, hated, he could have easily given us some awesome online.

      No offense to you because I know you have some logic in you unlike some others that defend Nintendo but I’m honestly sick of comments like yours. They come off as way too self-centered as if having online is gonna hurt your own personal experience when you don’t have to go online while not having online does hurt the experience of those that DO want it. And I really do mean no offense to you. But to anyone else that isn’t like you, I do want them to take offense because fuck them. lol

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  2. It should be noted that Tecmo Koei has a track record in not including online multiplayer in there games.
    Just look at Dynasty Warriors 8 for PC, it doesn’t have online either for some reason.
    This isn’t even surprising anymore.

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    1. Good point. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was pretty much every Nintendo game, 1st – 3rd party lacking basic online features. Its just so old that every game with half-ass or missing online is a reminder of it.

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    2. It would be surprising if tecmo koei put this game in to online play so people can play this game around there online services in there track record. Trust me. The game will be ok once it gets release. I kinda like how they refresh the graphics.


  3. It’s actually refreshing to a game that doesn’t have online slapped all over it, now I kinda want this game even more now.
    This online obsession people have now for every damn video game announced today is annoying as hell, if you want online all the damn time then go play a damn EA, Activision, Bioware, Take-Two, Blizzard and countless other AAA developed games that’s plaguing the gaming market. Hell majority of those games are online only, so everyone crying over wanting online should feel right at home with those other pub’s and dev’s games.


    1. Does having online hurt you? Does it make your eyes bleed & cause immense pain to read people asking for online multiplayer or to read when a game has online multiplayer? No? Then get over the fact people want online multiplayer in games that make perfect sense to have online multiplayer. If a game has multiplayer, it’s only natural people will ask for or even expect online multiplayer since the multiplayer part is already in the game. It’s like people bitching about homosexuality being on their television set. If you don’t like it, change the damn channel.

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  4. I don’t think this is the kind of game that needs online play. Would it be nice? Sure. Is it necessary? Not really.

    I can think of at least three other Nintendo system games that should have/should have had online play before even thinking about FE Warriors.


  5. *facepalm* Having online hurts no one. You don’t have to do use online multiplayer if you don’t like it & want to keep away from little kids & loud mouths if you are too lazy to use the damn mute & block features that come standard with voice chat. But not having online definitely hurts the people that would actually enjoy online multiplayer. If you aren’t gonna do online multiplayer, it’s only fair not to do multiplayer at all. This mentality of Nintendo’s needs to fucking die as it’s either depressing or pissing off another section of the video game customers that is a pretty big fucking group in their own damn right. Pikmin 3’s multiplayer & Nintendo Land would have been something I would have actually spent some time in if I could have played with others online. But since they lacked it, I only played 2-3 multiplayer stages of Pikmin 3 & only played maybe an hour of Nintendo Land. I’m not gonna bring up the fact Koei Tecmo doesn’t usually add online to their Warriors/Musou games because I’m speaking in general.


  6. Just like Hyrule Warriors. Local Co-op. What’s the problem? I like to play a game with a friend instead of online.


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