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Neptunia Producer Needs Fan Feedback To Decide If They Bring Neptunia To Switch

Neptunia could come to the Nintendo Switch provided there’s enough requests for the series to arrive on Nintendo’s latest platform. Neptunia producer Naoko Mizuno was quizzed about a Switch version of the Japanese turn-based RPG during Anime Expo 2017 and said that the team needs to hear feedback from the fans if they would like to see the series arrive on the Nintendo Switch.

“It would be great if we hear feedback from our fans letting us know if they’d like to see Neptunia on the Switch, then it might be realized.”


30 thoughts on “Neptunia Producer Needs Fan Feedback To Decide If They Bring Neptunia To Switch”

    1. stop lying to yourself, you want this game come to the switch but are too scared to admit it because everyone will shoot daggers at you for liking games like neptunia. be proud and don’t let anyone tell you what you need to like, i for one really wanna see this series on the switch and i also hope nintendo (or xseed) localizes senran kagura switch to NA.

      1. Fire Emblem Elitist

        Senran Kagura is a very enoyable game just wish they’d add an english audio option as it has an english version out as for the switch the consoles a piece of crap anyway.

  1. Admittedly, this series is one of my guilty pleasures; the humor and overall lighthearted vibe of the games are endearing. I would love it if Neptunia came to Switch.

  2. Bought a game in this series for Vita . It was too plain for my tastes and the story was just too random . But I can see ppl enjoying it on switch just like the Vita

  3. Well for me…I want it on the Switch!

    This would be the first Neptunia game series on a nintendo platform too, with
    how the characters and all are based on actual consoles and whatnot!

    Now Nintendo will be a part of it hehe!
    That and seeing NEP NEP on the switch…yes!!!


  4. I never understood the appeal of these game, they just seem mechanically outdated. But if its more games on the switch then bring them!

    (I do enjoy the Atelier games though, and they don’t seem to keep up with current rpg mechanics either, so I probably shouldnt judge these HyperD fans.)

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