Nintendo Sends Out Franchise Survey To My Nintendo Members

Nintendo has sent out another quick survey to members of the My Nintendo scheme. While it’s incredibly short, the questions that Nintendo asks are certainly interesting. As well as asking about whether you plan to buy a Switch, it asks fans which Nintendo franchises they enjoy the most. It seems unlikely that Nintendo would announce a game based purely on this survey, but it’s a great opportunity to communicate your favourite IPs to them. Keep an eye on your inbox!



  1. ||Metroid is the answer on everything, do it or die…||

    1. Permission to instead answer F-Zero, Commander? Metroid is important, but it’s gotten more games in a decade than our favorite futuristic racer has in that same timeframe- I believe this series needs lifeblood as well.

    1. I got it and said and i quote ” No I will not be getting the Switch! Why you may ask ? Well here’s my reasonings.
      1. the controls are awkward as hell , yes you have the classic controller but at such a high price your better off mot buyin the thing in the first place. 2. The battery life is terrible! 3. while you have third party support and i respect that you need to sort a few issues out one would be the over heating issue and not make the console look and feel rushed, what i’m saying is your using this as a cover up saying What’s this Wii u you speak off? 4. You may be marketing this excuse for a console better but you never gave the wii u that kind of treatment unless it’s Mario or Pokemon and even those adverts you do for those are lackluster at best, at least put some effort in, take call of duty for example that franchise is popular becuse it marketed it game properly , sure it has the wrong audiance but they make the games soudn interesting even if it is the same mechanic over and over again with a few changes. 5. when naming a product think of something a little more uniuqe that will make it stand out for example when the name revolution was announced i was interested but then you gave it a really bad name people mocked. Keep the names that sound cool and they wil sell alot better and make your adverts better, give some reasons as to why this game is good and dont do what you usually do and do a minimal effort and you give an explination with not enough reasons for us to get the game/ console, be more creative with your ips/ developers. and finally number 6: The miiverse feature try and have a comunity for the 18 and up games you have ( even if thay are minimal.) and try to not be like an overly protective parent this is why players are jumping ship unless it’s pokemon or zelda.

      1. Space out your bullet points better in the future. I’m sure what you wrote was valid but I couldn’t get through most of it because of organization.

      2. I’m curious what you mean when you say the controls are awkward? I’ve been using this system since March, and I’ve never noticed a problem with them. I haven’t seen anyone online really complain about them either. Whether holding the joy-cons seperately or using the grip, most people echo my opinion that they’re surprisingly comfortable. Also, you don’t think Nintendo is creative with their IPs? Exactly which IPs are you referring to?

        Finally, and this is the only part of your comment that I will 100% disagree on, if there’s one thing that Nintendo is doing right with the Switch, it’s absolutely, hands down the marketing. I can’t see any valid complaint about them in that regard.

  2. I really want to join in these surveys Nintendo! Why do you make them so that only certain amount of My Nintebdo members get them? I feel unappreciated :(

  3. How are people receiving these surveys? Is it on their Switch, or their computer email? Because I never got this one, OR that Animal Crossing one I heard about the other day. I THINK I’m registered on My Nintendo, but I never use it.

  4. I got this survey and of course they leave no box for feedback comments. Just another example of Nintendo tuning out our opinions. My Nintendo sucks! As for the Switch, I have one and love it so far lol.

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