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Tatsumi Kimishima’s Approval Rating Is Up 10 Percent From Last Year With Shareholders

Tatsumi Kimishima took the role of President of Nintendo shortly after the untimely passing of Satoru Iwata almost a couple of years ago. With the Wii U heavily underperforming, Kimishima’s job was undoubtedly a difficult one; to get Nintendo back on its feet. Thankfully, both the 3DS and the Nintendo Switch are selling well with records being broken and critics and fans praising Nintendo for the content Nintendo are providing us. Ultimately Nintendo’s shareholders are pleased with the results. On June 29, during Nintendo’s 77th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, five individuals were elected to the Board of Directors. Here are each of their approval ratings:

Tatsumi Kimishima: 97.70 %
Shigeru Miyamoto: 97.59 %
Shinya Takahashi: 97.65 %
Shuntaro Furukawa: 97.65 %
Ko Shiota: 97.65 %

Kimishima’s popularity with Nintendo’s shareholders has risen by 10 percent from last year. His approval rating was previously sitting at 87.14 in 2016. What’s interesting is that Shigeru Miyamoto’s rating isn’t that far behind, so who knows what the future holds.

Have you warmed to Kimishima and do you think he’s doing a good job of steering Nintendo into a successful future? Let me know below.

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      1. As for companies like Activision, most of their games release using a peer to peer server system, especially on consoles. They’re not paying for dedicated servers, or if they are, they use a hybrid system that falls back on P2P if a dedicated isn’t available. Before that happened, most games like Counter Strike, Team Fortress 2 etc had players pay for and run their own dedicated servers. Third parties like this don’t actually do a lot of paying for servers.

        Valve charges you for Steam indirectly. Content creators are charged a % of sales and that overhead either affects the final cost or reduced cost of development. Blizzard doesn’t charge a monthly fee because it uses a F2P cosmetic model (I’m assuming? I haven’t played anything like that since early days of LoL). So both of those companies have a sort of long term “subscription” model in place to in part fund the cost of server maintenance. Now whatever effective F2P style model the console companies could come up with to do the same thing would be terrifying and I wouldn’t want it.

        And back in the day before the F2P model happened, I remember how frustrating it would be to try and pry a credit card from my mom’s hands so I could play a month of Everquest, but nowadays you can do some chores and scrounge up enough to get a time card/eshop card from Target or wherever. And honestly, I hate how F2P monetization affects a game/service. I’d rather monetization be an invisible subscription than something that becomes an intrusive gameplay element.


    1. Did you know it actually costs money to run servers? They’ve got the cheapest online so I really don’t see your point.


      1. The company you mentioned doesn’t have to produce consoles so it is much easier for them to subsidize the cost. You’re only paying $20 what the fuck is the big deal?


    2. To counter things you replied to other people with.
      Valve takes 30% of every single game sale on its service. That’s why they can remain free. Not to mention a lot of games use peer-to-peer which is no servers.

      CoD is strictly P2P. Activision pays next to nothing for its server upkeep. Sony and Microsoft handle the matchmaking side.

      Blizzard-Activision are one in the same. Blizzard was losing money before the merger with Activision as their only income was WoW. They created Overwatch to cash in on the micro transactions and clearly they have been

      Think before you speak. You really have no clue

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      1. “They created Overwatch to cash in on the micro transactions and clearly they have been”

        yet you dont have to buy microtransactions and still get free online, exposed.


      2. microsoft tried to charge pc gamers for windows live and they rejected it. also xbox one players can cross play with pc players and pc players still get it for free. you should relly stop trying dude, game over.


      1. Congrats DEEZ NUTS, lamingturd2009. The reason why you’re at My Nintendo News is because you want to spread prejudice and bullshit propaganda like the President of the United States himself.

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    3. PS & Xbox online services is 50 dollars for year. Nintendo is 20 dollars for year with extra content.

      I see Nintendo much more ahead than PS and Xbox.

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      1. For people like him, it apparently is. Oh well. At least I will be enjoying my PS4 & Switch.


      2. I run on my emotions, too, but this guy takes it to a whole ‘nother level. @.@


    1. I think these were decisions Iwata San made before his passing. This definitely has something to do with merging the handheld and console divisions. Development, like the hardware divisions, has been unified and the teams are working together to deliver things faster.. . Also, Nintendo has shown great flexibility by using 3rd party engines for some of their games.. . I mean.. . Yoshi runs on Unreal engine 4.

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  1. So these ratings represent the percentage of stockholders that approved of them being elected to the board of directors, right? I’m not quite fluent in Japanese and can’t read the source. When it says 97.7%, that means 97.7% voted for him to be on the board? These aren’t strictly job approval ratings, are they?


  2. I already know there’s gonna be fanboy bullshit spewing forth from Quadraxis mouth…. he always rears his head with some role playing bullshit.
    As someone who is a gamer first and foremost, i’m happy that Nintendo is doing well.
    I hope one day i get a switch.
    That said, i’m the kinda guy who is unbiased, and will call the company out when they fuck up, and praise them when they do right.
    And Nintendo is doing rather well currently.
    I just worry about the Super Nintendo Classic having enough in the wild.
    It drives me nuts that all they do is release them short term..
    I wish they would release more of them long term.
    The Switch i hope they get more in the wild.
    And i wish SOMEONE would do something about the freaking assholes on eBay that keep scalping shit!


    1. ||I’m genderless and you really cannot live without me, it’s very amusing and pathetic…||


  3. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4; Awaiting Greatness on Nintendo Switch!} says:

    My approval rating would go up with him more if he’d get rid of Reggie at the CEO position at NoA & give it to someone that isn’t all PR bullshit talk among other issues I have with that puppet.


    1. There’s a difference between a president and Dobis PR, King. And here’s a reality check– Reggie Fils-Aime is a COO and President of Nintendo of America. The late Satoru Iwata was the CEO of Nintendo America AND Japan.


      1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4; Awaiting Greatness on Nintendo Switch!} says:

        I recall them putting him back as CEO some time after Iwata passed. Even still, even with Iwata in charge of NoA at the time, it was still crap. (No offense to Iwata since he’s not alive anymore. :/ )


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