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The Splatoon 2 Direct Tomorrow Should Be About 25 Minutes Long

We’ve got a brand new Nintendo Direct coming tomorrow at 3pm UK time focussing entirely on the upcoming hit Splatoon 2 for the Nintendo Switch. The presentation itself should be around 25 minutes according to Japanese publication NicoNico. No doubt some of this time will be used to explain the voice chat implementation. Hopefully they will announce another Global Test Fire too!

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      1. This. That’s what it was for with the original game’s Testfire too, to see if and when the servers bottleneck. It isn’t just there for players to get a taste; there’s some real research going on at the Squid Research Lab the entire time.

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  1. That is considerably longer than I anticipated. Probably means there’s a bit more than revealing the starting maps and everything Inkopolis Square holds. Hopefully there’s a new mode in addition to League Battle and Salmon Run.


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