Netflix Castlevania Show Has Been Renewed For A Second Season And Episodes Have Doubled

Castlevania made its debut on Netflix yesterday and no doubt many of you who are subscribed to the service have watched it. There’s presently only four episodes for the first series, but a second season of episodes have been ordered by the company. Season two will contain eight episodes instead of four. A date for the second season has yet to be announced, but it’s good news that the company has faith in the animated project.



  1. That’s good news. I enjoyed the first four episodes. It wasn’t spectacular or anything, but it has potential. The plot didn’t really start until the end of the fourth episode anyway.

    1. I recorded the first 4 episodes and love it so i’ll definalty buy the dvd when they are out, I was originally skeptical on the idea but i’m happy i kept an open mind the english voice acting is well done and worth a watch for anybody. Right amount of action and the story is very impresive too so fair play to the creators. All that’s left is rick and morty season 3 on the 10th which i been awaiting with much anticipation.

  2. Your run of the mill anime has 12 episodes per season, I’ll call this an actual success if the announce a third season; don’t get me wrong I love the show but I would have prefer to watch the 12 episodes in season 1

  3. To those who don’t know, this was originally supposed to be a trilogy of direct-to-DVD films, but it entered production/development hell for about a decade. When Netflix purchased the rights to the films and got production back on track, each film was adapted into four episodes. The first “season” is really the first film, and the next “season” is going to be the second and third film.

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