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A Fire Pro Wrestling World Dev Says That He Would “Love To Put The Game On Switch”

Retronauts recently did an interview with Tomoyuki Matsumoto, head of Spike Chunsoft. Spike Chunsoft is the team behind the game Fire Pro Wrestling World, which just recently debuted on Steam’s Early Access and is planned for a release on Playstation 4 “later on down the road”. However, the interview didn’t just focus on Steam and PS4. Matsumoto was asked about looking into other platforms for the game, and he says that “I would love to put the game on Switch“. Here’s the entire conversation:

Retronauts: Would you look at other platforms beyond Steam and PS4 for Fire Pro World? Mobile, Xbox, Switch or something along those lines?

Matsumoto: Speaking for me personally, I would love to put the game on Switch.

Retronauts: It seems like a good fit. The Switch audience seems to be really tuned into sort of the retro style experience that Fire Pro offers.


Thanks, MasterPikachu6



    1. This series has been around since its first PC Engine and SNES releases and has been on most major consoles in Japan. There’s been a few US releases and they’re critically well received with a cult following. The current early access release on Steam has a 94%. The series has never seen a mobile release.

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    1. I don’t think it needs to be there for sales sake. It’s a quite well received series that wouldn’t hurt the Switch, so just bring it on. And indeed compared to all the other platforms, the Switch would be a perfect fit. Imagine playing this game on the PC. Right.

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  1. I’ll agree that the aesthetic is kind of ugly but as somebody whose been a wrestling fan for about 15 years, I can vouch for how much praise I’ve heard about this series. There are people who even put it above the AKI games that came out for the N64.

    It’s also in this series in which Suda51 made his directorial debut.

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