Nintendo Switch

Check Out This Charging Grip From Nyko

With the release of the Nintendo Switch Online App for mobile today we have also learned that Nyko are offering a product which allows you to attach your smartphone to your Joy-Con for your voice-chat enabled online play sessions. It’s called the Clip Grip Power. The accessory also houses a pretty decent 3,000 mAh battery which will provide extra play time by serving as a secondary battery source for the Joy-Con, smartphone, or console battery. It’s currently only available on for $24.99 but I’m sure we’ll see a European release sometime soon.

Chris Arbogast, Nyko’s Director of Sales and Marketing had this to say about the new accessory:

Since voice chat for multiplayer games on Nintendo Switch is enabled through the Nintendo Switch Online App, we anticipate players needing a convenient, hands-free way to keep their smartphones close and visible while playing. With Clip Grip Power, we’ve created a great way to interact with the app while playing, in addition to a secondary battery source and extra storage space for your game cartridges.

Below, check out the video for a closer look:

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    1. looks can be deceiving and it may looks like weight may not be the issue but then again it could be a reverse psychology in where it looks like an issue but its not but to throw you off it makes you think its not but it is.


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