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Inti Creates Isn’t Working On Bloodstained Main Game

An interesting development has taken place today regarding the highly anticipated Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. It turns out that Inti Creates are no longer working on the main game and are instead currently working on the prequel mini-game. In fact, this has been the case since last year’s E3.

“Maybe it is best to clarify it here. Inti Creates is not involved in the main development of the Bloodstained game, but they are involved in the prequel mini-game. Part of the vagueness is to avoid unneeded attention and negative speculation. So yes, they are involved but not in the main game since last year’s E3. DICO has picked up the development from where they have left off under mutual agreement.”

“A lot of parties are involved so it could be quite confusing. ArtPlay is the main developer, while we are hiring DICO as a third party developer. We created the game design, story, direction, gimmicks, and the overall production of the game while DICO creates art assets, design levels, and basically filling in the manpower ArtPlay doesn’t have. In the future, you’ll most likely see 505 Games and ArtPlay credited on trailer videos and articles to come out.”




      1. I just think that they’ve purported to be developing this game and now they’ve outsourced it elsewhere. When they’ve crowd funded that’s pretty underhand IMO. you may disagree


      2. “When they’ve crowd funded that’s pretty underhand IMO.”

        I don’t see how that’s any more or less underhanded than under any other kind of investment scheme.


    1. I’ve said this a thousand times, you cannot trust kickstarter anymore. These developers get their money before the game is finished and then have no motivation to actually finish the game. Then they get greedy and use the profit from the unfinished game to start a new game. EVERY developer on kickstarter has done this. Kickstarter is no longer trustworthy. No way a game as simple as bloodstained should have taken this many years to develop.


  1. What is this prequel thing anyway? Where’s it gonna be? Is it a mobile title?
    To be honest I’ve never understood the hype surrounding this game. It looks like it was coded in flash by by grandmother while drunk on gin


    1. The game they have shown at E3 (for the past 3 years) looks really good. Great animation and really reminiscent of past Castlevania games. However a game like this should not take so long. No way in hell should it take as long as Skyrim or Botw.. Fact is the devs already got their money and there is no reason to push the project past the finish line. Instead they take their profits from donators and start a new project… Fucking assholes.


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