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Hey! Pikmin Trailer Invites You To Meet The Pikmin

Nintendo has unveiled a new trailer for Hey! Pikmin, which invites you to discover the tiny world of the Pikmin and the differences between each type. For example, red Pikmin are stronger and resistant to fire; blue Pikmin can swim and breathe underwater; and yellow Pikmin are lighter and resistant to electricity. You can learn more about them by watching the video below:

4 thoughts on “Hey! Pikmin Trailer Invites You To Meet The Pikmin”

    1. there’s so much truth in that comment. For ages I’m waiting for a Pikmin game that doesn’t start to teach me what a blue pikmin does all.over.again.
      Pimin 3 was such a great game but it felt like the real game started somewhere in the last quarter of the game.

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