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Zen Studios Are Working On More Switch Games

Infinite Minigolf will be arriving to the Switch eShop tomorrow, and the game’s developer Zen Studios have advised that they have more games in the works for Nintendo’s latest console.

Mel Kirk, Zen Studios’ Vice President of Publishing, hosted an AMA on Reddit today and was asked if a Pinball title will be coming to the Switch anytime soon, to which he responded: “We have not yet announced a pinball game for Nintendo Switch, however we are huge Nintendo supporters, so stay tuned for announcements. We would LOVE to do Nintendo specific tables base on their IP’s. These would be awesome tables!”

Mel was also asked if there were any unannounced games for the Switch in production, to which he responded “YES!”

There weren’t any hints as to exactly what is in the works, although it may be linked to pinball, considering their best known titles are Pinball FX and Zen Pinball, but that should come to light in the near future.

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