Copy Of Super Mario Bros. Sells For Over $30k On eBay

A sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. has been sold for a hefty amount on eBay – $30,100.44 to be exact. The seller, a longtime retro game dealer based in Pennsylvania called DKOldies, put the game up on the auction site with a starting bid of $1 with no reserve. The game is in pretty much perfect condition (as you can see below) and it’s also worth noting that it’s a very early copy of the very popular NES game. Kotaku reached out to the seller who informed them that the buyer has now paid for the item. The buyer also bought from the same seller a sealed copy of Kid Icarus which sold for over $10,000.





    1. It’s not worth 30k!!! I have two copies of the games, one CIB near mint and the other loose. I couldn’t get nowhere close to 30k…. not sure what makes his copy so special..


    1. Most copies of the game sale for less than $100.00. Thats near mint complete in the box. Not sure why the game being factory sealed has increased its value by $29,900. Somebody got ripped the fuck off. You can buy an entire NES collection mint in the box for 30k.


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