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Splatfest Exclusive Twilight Zone Stage Announced For Splatoon 2

The upcoming Ketchup V. Mayo Splatfest will see the debut of the ‘Twilight Zone’ stage. Exclusive to Splatfests, the ‘Twilight Zone’ will supposedly change its layout between events. It’s only been announced via the Japanese Twitter account, so the ‘Twilight Zone’ might get a different name in other territories. Will you be participating in the upcoming Splatfest? Tell us below.




    1. Don’t be rude, it’s in Japanese! This is obviously an English website. Obviously different people are translating it differently.


      1. No, he’s right. The Japanese text shows ‘misuterii zone’, so it uses the English word ‘mystery’. There is no way you can interpret this as Twilight unless you had some prior knowledge of the localised name.

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      2. Twitter’s translations have it as twilight. Although I’m pretty sure the data mining had it called ‘Shifty Station’, so dunno what the English name’ll be at this point lol


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