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Resident Evil Revelations 1+2 Coming To Nintendo Switch

Capcom has delivered on its promise for more Nintendo Switch games as the Japanese developer has confirmed that both Resident Evil Revelations 1+2 are coming to the platform. Both games will come to the system this fall presumably as a bundle. The news was confirmed today via Twitter.

67 thoughts on “Resident Evil Revelations 1+2 Coming To Nintendo Switch”

  1. I’m sure this is cool and all. I already own this game on WiiU/3DS. But, I’m still crossing my fingers for RE7 on Switch. I haven’t played Revelations 2 so that is something to look forward too. It’s start from Capcom on games coming to the Switch. Just hope something more of a real wow effect could come, not sure what however, just something.

    1. I gave Revelations 2 an honest try. I put about 7 hours into the game…. and I just lost interest. In fact I forced myself through the 7 hours… Save your money… Revelations 1 however is a great game. The second one just seemed really low budget and restrictive…. And boring.

  2. Nice. ..I already have these on my 3ds..wiiu and xbox one….I am most definitely gonna get it for the Switch….both games in my Switch to play anywhere? Yes please.

    1. Revelations 2 was great, I was only able to play the first chapter of the game, but I played a whole lot of raid mode on there and I loved it, especially when I found out I could play as Wesker

  3. Okay good, this is good for two things:

    1. I know exactly what I want for Christmas

    2. This means that the Resident Evil franchise is being supported on Switch which could lead to Resident Evil Origins could come to Switch (and it would fit because Resi One’s Remake and Zero was on GameCube) and maybe even Resident Evil 7 could come to the Switch too, hell, there’s a good chance that the Resident Evil 2 Remake comes to Switch whenever we see more of that!

    1. If Resident Evil Revelations 2 can run on the Switch, I’m sure Resident Evil 7 on Switch isn’t out of the question.
      I believe they were looking into it and they want to test the waters with RE Revelations 1 + 2 and see if RE7 might be a good fit for the platform.

      1. this whole power obsession is getting rather well dumb

        there is no re game that wouldnt run on a fucking switch are people FUCKING SERIOUSLY SUGGESTING REVOLATIONS 2 WOULDNT RUN ON SWITCH



  4. Personally, I was hoping for 7 instead, funny enough someone predicted this yesterday in the comments, dam.

  5. The bundle has been explained:
    For North America, Revelations 1 will be in cartridge while Revelations 2 will be digital only. You can buy them as a bundle for $39.99, or get them both digitally for $19.99 each.

    For Europe: It’s digital only, so good luck making space on your Switch.

    1. 39,99
      Or 19,99+19,99=39,98
      I know it’s just a cent, but I do not think of it as me gaining a cent, but as Capcom not gaining said cent.

  6. This is great news and I’ll certainly cop them but I really hope Resident Evil 7 is on the horizon. I don’t fully trust them yet but Capcom is slowly jumping aboard the Switch train

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||They are still on my target list but this helps a bit, but do you know which faction has been too quiet? The Warners…||

  7. Excited! I own the 3ds one and loved it! Made it to the last boss and couldn’t beat him. Havent finished 2 either on the xbox. Hope this is just the beginning for Resident Evil on Switch!

      1. Of course I didn’t, because it wasn’t happening in the same extent as it is the case with the Switch, not even close. The PS4 was getting tons of new games from all kinds of developers, along the ports.
        Nice try, my dude.

      2. ” because it wasn’t happening in the same extent as it is the case with the Switch, not even close.”

        Namie is an invader from an alternate dimension confirmed. His memories don’t match history.

      3. Wow, Namie is literally delusional. The first year was nothing BUT ports aside form just a couple new games. last of us remastered sound familiar?

        Face it. You’re so butthurt the switch is doing well you’ll stalk this site to make up your own crap. XD Do you realize you’re a joke on here?

      4. Names one port, claims the entire library was ports. LUL.

        Also ironic how you say I’m the joke. Very ironic, hah. But I’ll leave it at that, I don’t think I need to elaborate. :^)
        And unlike you, I don’t get a hard-on for a piece of plastic (not) doing well. I buy whatever I want to play, and I’m capable of acknowledging suboptimal situations for a company I support. The world would be a better place if you could do the same, but I realize it’s a bit much to expect from a fanboy with such a limited mind, so don’t worry about it.

    1. So the Switch isn’t getting new games? Well let’s check out the list of NEW current and upcoming 1st/3rd party games shall we……

      1 2 Switch (NEW)
      Snipperclips (NEW)
      Bomberman R (NEW)
      ARMS (NEW)
      Splatoon 2 (NEW)
      Nights Of Azure 2 (NEW)
      Blade Fighters (NEW)
      NBA 2K18 (NEW)
      FIFA 18 (NEW)
      WWE 2K18 (NEW)
      Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (NEW)
      Fire Emblem Warriors (NEW)
      Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (NEW)
      Super Mario Odyssey (NEW)

      ALL NEW GAMES and I didn’t even list the NEW indies that are coming so like I said….please save it

      1. I was mainly talking 3rd-party games, that was worded badly on my part, definitely my bad. It’s not Nintendo porting old games, after all.
        But yea, out of the 16 games you’ve listed, 9 are new 3rd-party games. Over the course of what, several months? Sure, every console has slow releases in the first couple months, but things should pick up from there. There haven’t been any major announcements for big games scheduled for the next year and beyond, no? All we hear when it comes down to big budget games is “no plans for the Switch”. And I really don’t believe getting old port after old port is a good outlook for future support.
        And bringing in indie games into this whole thing just seems like you’re grasping at straws at this point, to be honest, haha.

      2. Grunty is mad you didn’t listed a game that must be had. Ukelaylee how could you forget a game that is a successor to your Switch with a Successor off your favorite Witch?

    1. I want Resi 4 with a Raid Mode. The sections of that game would make perfect Raid Mode maps. But more like Revelation 1’s Raid Mode and less like 2’s (where you could just stand in one place and kill everything cause they would just slowly run to you). :)

    1. You’re fucking delusional. Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2 are REAL games. Get your head out of your ass and accept it!

      1. Also it may be a test or a trick to see how it sells than Resident Evil 5 Capcom could Pick for your favorite console that Nintendo switch. Sign : your pal Grunty the rhyming Witch

      2. Resident Evil 7 is real game, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is real game, I won’t even talk about Street Fighter V, it’s console exclusive so it gets a pass. Do you want Capcom to just port old games to Switch? Wii U had a problem with AAA third parties consisting mostly of last gen or just old games, and their owners didn’t like that very much, I don’t see why Switch owners should like that now.
        I welcomed USF2 with open arms, but now is the time Capcom should be saying “ok, the experiment was a success, let’s release MvC:I there now”, not “ok, the experiment was a success, let’s release old games there now”….

        1. Ridley X3 {R.I.P. Chester Bennington of Linkin' Park. Thank you for the awesome music. You will be missed. *cries*}

          If you are the only normal person left in the world, are you truly the normal one anymore? xD

      1. Oh, the new Metroid deserves hate, I have high hopes for Prime 4, but Metroid: Other M Returns will be bad at best.
        Sakamoto is not capable of making a good Metroid game without Gunpei Yokoi to make the right decisions for him, he proved that 3 times already and is proving it for a 4th time. But with enough luck he won’t find a way of shoving Adam somewhere in the middle of the story of that “reimagination” of his….

  8. Nice. Not the big guns (MHW, RE7), but it’s a good start. Haven’t played them yet, so I’ll buy. Another good chance for Ninty fans to put their money where their mouth is.

  9. I’m still hoping for RE7 and an RE2 remake on the Switch. But this is good news. Maybe I’ll trade in my PS3 version of Revelations 2 for the Switch version to have it on the go.

  10. While the haters are saying the Switch has old games, funny to see GTA5 still selling top 5 ignoring the game is as old as my rotton Apple Pie. If you eat it, you just may die.

    No threat to anyone but I had to bet on high, I can come up with a line that rhymed with Pie…

  11. Well, so long as it is a physical release, looks like I’ll be picking these games up. I very much enjoyed Revelations on the 3DS and would love to play the second.

  12. Ridley X3 {R.I.P. Chester Bennington of Linkin' Park. Thank you for the awesome music. You will be missed. *cries*}

    I’ve had Revelations 2 on my PS4 since early 2016, so this doesn’t really excite me. But I guess it’s better late than never for Switch-only people. I don’t see Resident Evil 7 on the Switch, though, as they’d have to downgrade it to medium settings as I can say from experience the graphics of Revelations 2 aren’t that comparable to 7’s. But if Capcom doesn’t mind putting forth the effort & money to downgrade, then cool.

      1. Ridley X3 {R.I.P. Chester Bennington of Linkin' Park. Thank you for the awesome music. You will be missed. *cries*}

        RER2 or RE7? If RER2, I’d say slightly better. The best description I could give is it is more gritty looking & less plastic(?) looking. As for 7, I’d have to say 7 looks more like CGI than in-game engine video game graphics. Someone else might be able to describe the differences way better than me, though.

        1. Ridley X3 {R.I.P. Chester Bennington of Linkin' Park. Thank you for the awesome music. You will be missed. *cries*}

          Gameplay is virtually the same. Unlike Revelations 1 which didn’t really have many big revelations of things we didn’t know as everything in that game was brand new where as 2 actually revealed something about Wesker we didn’t know. I’d go in to more detail but I don’t want to spoil anything. I will say it was interesting & was better than 1 at least to me. The atmosphere itself felt pretty much like the first Revelations except you weren’t in tight spaces on a ship in this game. For me, open spaces are far more terrifying as an enemy has a lot more places they can attack you from; in Revelations 1, I wasn’t as worried as I could easily use the tight spaces to my advantage.

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