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Super Mario Odyssey Becomes First Mario Game To Get E10+ Rating

Although Super Mario Odyssey seems to maintain that wholesome charm associated with the mustachioed plumber, it has been given an E10+ rating by the ESRB. It isn’t shockingly high, but it is the first mainline Super Mario game to earn this rating. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what could have led to this higher rating, but the ESRB usually releases a more detailed summary before a game’s release.

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    1. You could be right, but Nintendo did stop doing kid stuff for a while now and they know that there generation viewers is growing stronger. So, I think Nintendo can manage this establishment.


  1. It was also stated that something about online interactivity would be taken place on this game and most people think Nintendo is hinting it for some type of miiverse thing to happen or to have some small multiplayer minigames to play online with other people


  2. Should have not possessed people. (lol)
    Well, I hope everything will be ok, I’m uncertain about New York City and the whole possessing thing. Hope they have not overcooked it. I just liked the jumper and the ‘striker’, but despised him in Super Mario Sunshine.
    Other than that the game seems really great. I’ve bought the Switch for it more than anything else.


  3. Its official, E-10 is the new PG. Games/Movies that clearly are acceptable for kids like any Mario game should be rated E (or G). With a T for Teen rating already in place, E-10 is downright stupid. You don’t need a rating specifically for ages 10, 11 and 12. Additionally as far as movies are concerned, PG is now the new G which is also ridiculous.


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