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Nintendo Working On A Patch For Game-Crashing Glitch In Splatoon 2

Nintendo are working on getting an update out for Splatoon 2 that fixes an annoying glitch that can crash your game. It’s been reported that, if you’ve been playing Pair and Team League Battle matches for a while and go to check your Past Records, your game may crash when doing so. Thankfully save data is reportedly not affected. Nintendo Japan’s official support web page acknowledges the issue and states that they’re working on a fix.

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  1. It’s unlike High Command to have a glitch so powerful it crashes a weapon, but it is not unprecedented. However, in the past, it was much more difficult for them to implement a remedy.

  2. omg im so glad it doesnt delete data. im so high leveled and it would take forever to get it back. luckily i dont do league much cuz i have no friends.

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