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Here’s The Fire Emblem Warriors ‘Cordelia’ Action Trailer

To celebrate the upcoming coming release of Fire Emblem Warriors for the New Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Switch, Koei Tecmo has released a brand new trailer. This specific trailer focusses on the Pegasus Knight Cordelia and showcases some fast and frantic action. Fire Emblem Warriors releases on the aforementioned platforms on September 28th in Japan, and this fall in North America and Europe.




  1. I don’t want to sound as negative as some will about this, but why her when there’s much better and more important characters from many other FE games that could be filling her spot? If the roster is so limited, I don’t see why it should be filled up with such minor characters.


    1. they already told everyone they are only taking characters from 3 games so that they’ld use lesser characters that have more unique battle styles =b this is why people where mad when they only showed sword people at first, but now we are getting the non sword people :v (actually reason, most people who play FE in the west only played those 3 games)

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      1. sory but that’s a load of shit we had path of radiance on the cube , fire emblem 7 and 8 on the gba radiant dawn on the wii, awakening, fates and shadows of valentia on the 3ds. and shadow dragon on the ds 3 games you say japan? stop being fucking lazy people didn’t just play three games you muppets stop being stingy.


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