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Sonic Mania’s Street Date Has Been Broken

You may recall last night that we reported on the news that Sonic Mania Collector’s Edition copies were showing up at Best Buy stores. Well, today has brought some new developments, as people have been able to buy the Collector’s Edition after all. Two people have reported that they have the game, with one having the Xbox One version of the Collector’s Edition and one having the Nintendo Switch version. The former was able to successfully add in their Xbox One Mania code online and download the game, but Microsoft’s policy against playing a game before release locked them out from doing so.

The latter, however, is the one that has been the most successful. The Nintendo Switch version of the Collector’s Edition does not have this policy. Because of this, not only can a player who managed to buy a game before its release can download the game, but they can play it without any problems. The leaker has already provided pictures and video as proof, and they are currently doing a stream on YouTube. That said, if you plan to avoid spoilers of this game, you have been warned.

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  1. Someone will lose his or her job because Best Buy will be fined by Sega for breaking street date. It’s kind of annoying someone who got it early would show it off in “look at what I got,” fashion without any regard for others. Not that I expect less.


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