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Steampunk Title Ironcast Launches Today For Nintendo Switch

The long-awaited Ironcast is now available for purchase on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Having previously been released for the PC in 2015, the game comes to the Switch as a complete collection with both original DLC packs, and costs £12.99 ($12.99).

Ironcast is a combination of turn-based strategy and a match-3 gameplay style wrapped in a Steampunk world. It’s quite reminiscent of author H. G. Well’s scientific romance novels, with the story based around defending Britain and her Empire with 7-metre tall war machines. Here’s how publisher Ripstone explains the gameplay:

Battles are fought by generating resource nodes which in turn drive the Ironcast’s various weapons and systems. Players must choose how to spend these nodes wisely; either offensively to cripple and destroy opponents, or defensively, if they suspect a barrage of incoming weapon fire is due.

The roguelite style of Ironcast enforces that death is permanent, but rewards are persistent and no two campaigns are the same. With randomly generated missions, over 50 unlockable items and the potential for rare enemy loot drops, commanders will face a new crusade with every play through.

The steampunk title is the first release on the Nintendo switch by both Ripstone and developer Dreadbit. Ripstone is already working on a second release for the switch, Chess Ultra. This comes by popular demand after a cross-platform release earlier this year and is currently in development by their own in-house team. Check out the new launch trailer for Ironcast below.

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