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Sony Says It’s Great That Nintendo Is Back With The Switch

EDGE magazine caught up with Sony’s global head of sales and marketing Jim Ryan to talk about the state of the video game industry. Ryan was very courteous when it came down to talk about Nintendo and he praised the fact that the company is seeing huge success worldwide with the Nintendo Switch. Here’s what he had to say to EDGE:

“It’s still very early. Many things Nintendo does are so disruptive and different that it takes quite a long time to understand them, and I don’t think we’re at that stage yet with Switch. Like I say, it’s great that they’re back, it’s great to see them doing so well.”



        1. Actually we have no real confirmation that it was who that copied what since its been said that :

          The console was conceived in 2001, as the Nintendo GameCube was first released. According to an interview with Nintendo game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, the concept involved focusing on a new form of player interaction. “The consensus was that power isn’t everything for a console. Too many powerful consoles can’t coexist. It’s like having only ferocious dinosaurs. They might fight and hasten their own extinction.”[28]


          It’s been confirmed by Nintendo themselves that they work on the next console after the current. And since the Wii was introduced officially before the move with Microsoft adding it on later it can be seen that they copied the wii.

          That’s what happens when companies don’t have faith in their products and send it out after they see the other having success with it.

    1. How the fudge does Sony copy Nintendo? I own all consoles from them in the past 4 generations and I’ve never found them to feel like they’re rip-offs. The only exception I can think of is when the Playstation Move came out but if we go by that logic, Nintendo copied Disney Infinity and Skylanders with Amiibos so that argument is also flawed.

      1. For the amiibos I say yes, they take that idea and make it simple but the idea is the same.

        What darthchrisb is reffering is probably this

        Also Sony copied a move from a Nintendo when Nintendo decided to port their games on mobile, one month (I think) later Sony do a conference and said that also them will bring their IP on mobile.

        Basically Sony watches very well the movements of Nintendo.

      2. Sony copied both the Wii mote with move while Kinect at least tried something different as well as the vita being used as a second screen being a rip off of the Wii U

      3. Sony has a history of copying Nintendo features. Others listed motion controls, but there were also touch controls (not entirely exclusive to Nintendo, but first for a console/handheld gaming machine), and back in the day they copied rumble and analog sticks (see the original PlayStation Controller, then the DualShock once Nintendo announced the N64 controller). The idea of two-screen gaming also came from Nintendo, even as far back as the dual-screened Game & Watch handhelds and dual-screened arcade machines. The layout of the controller is similar to the SNES controller as well, so Nintendo set the standard for controllers. Everyone influences each other, though, so MS and Nintendo aren’t immune to borrowing/copying ideas either. But for a long time, Sony was doing it quite often. There was also AR and the EyeToy was released after Nintendo had been showing off something similar at 2 E3’s before that, but they never did anything with it. I’m probably missing a few other things as well. It does happen. If you really wanna get technical, PSVR borrows from Virtual Boy. Not that Virtual Boy really was VR, but it was the beginning of the evolution for that. Nintendo also tried various things with the Famicom like TV shows and online and other things, there was GameBoy Advance Video… all those things could be argued led the way to what Sony did, but that’s less obvious and just natural. Copying isn’t always a bad thing, people improve on things, etc. And Nintendo usually said they were flattered, it meant they were doing something right.

      1. I’m sorry but if that’s what darthchrisb was going for then that’s just silly and petty.
        So you’re telling me that because Sony did 2 things similar to Nintendo in their entire history of being in gaming they are automatically a rip-off? I mean what’s next? Are people going to say Nintendo ripped off Sony because the Wii had disks like the Playstation 2 did? Or are people going to say Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed ripped off Mario Kart 7 because they came out at roughly the same time? That’s equally as petty.
        And mobile phone gaming has been a huge market for a good while now so of course Sony is going to get in on that. Just because Sony announced it at roughly the same time doesn’t mean they are automatically a rip-off.
        If they was being a full-blown copycat and almost everything they did was the same as Nintendo, then sure I’d agree but as someone that loves Sony and Nintendo, I’ve never had the impression that Sony just copies Nintendo.

        1. Just as I answered early, if you watch the funcionality of the Nintendo Wii motion control and the playstation move, they are both similar, but the Nintendo Wii motion control is released in 2006 and Sony released the Playstation Move in 2009 where some people saw it and said:
          “Wow Sony is trying to create their Nintendo Wii?”
          And why Sony did this? because they saw the sells of the Nintendo Wii and tryied to do something similar but with bad results.

          About the disks. You can’t say that Nintendo ripped off Sony because for the disks. Disks are still used today on PC and others hardware not only for games.

          About Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed. I’m not talking about the software but I’m talking about the hardware but if you want to know what I think about these type of games, here is what I think:

          Basically some ideas are from Mario Kart and these ideas isn’t only on this Sonic racing game, but in many other games which they didn’t sell well becuase they take that idea and simply change the characters and vehicles (Also the popularity of the videogame character is important on these things)

          On the mobile side, it’s funny that Sony announced they’re going to bring their IP’s on the mobile when Nintendo announced this message before Sony. So just I wrote early, Sony watchs Nintendo and then act just like them, but they don’t understand one thing:

          They aren’t Nintendo, and they don’t have that ability to make something very innovative.

          I only see power of their system, and they think they are powerful to dominate the world of gaming when the games are made by other companies.

          Have you ever heard a game made by Sony, because I never heard about it.

    1. It’s impossible to see this.

      I don’t like anymore Playstation because Sony did some movements that I don’t really understand, and also they showed some piece of hardware that is similar from Nintendo Wii.
      Sometimes I think they want to be the supreme ruler of everything on gaming but they have to face 2 different hardware:
      – Nintendo Switch (I don’t have to explain what it is)
      – Xbox One X: A powerful console indeed that exceed PS4 Pro.

      I wanna know how they can beat these two different hardware. They have to release a hybrid console with the power of the Xbox One X.

      1. They beat them with the brand and with the games. Actually the Xbox One. The Nintendo Switch is another beast, they can counter with great third party support but if the Nintendo Switch continue to sell like this even third parties will have to kneel to Nintendo. The 3DS already had very good third party support, this is posed actually better being the sole Nintendo platform in the future, both home and portable, that’s gonna be great third party support, beginning from 2018.

        1. The fact is this. The Switch is already a big success, but it seems companies like EA and Capcom doesn’t believe on it and they always want to see how well it sell a game. Ok I understand the business and the money for spend time and resources for making a game on the system, but also you, company, you cannot do some sort of “bad campaign” on your game on the system, because people will not buy the game if you always do this.

          One of the biggest third party support I want to see on the Switch is Blizzard with the release of Overwatch. I know, it’s hard but I want to play OW with motion control.

        1. It’s your choice. Sony have always watched other companies how they moved, and I think they will do a console similar to the Switch.

          I personally don’t care of playstation because I’m not interested of the games that are there (expect Crash Bandicoot and KH3)

  1. I feel like I read this before. Also, I think we’re past the point of “early.” It’s August and it’s still sold out everywhere. It doesn’t look like it’s slowing up anytime soon either.

    1. It’s only been half a year. From any business standpoint, that’s still pretty early, especially if that time period hasn’t even crossed a holiday season or two.

      1. With Mario it’s definitely going to continue like this through the holidays. When Pokémon hits? It’s not even a question anymore.

        People want this system.



    every single innovation in gaming further evolved and polished = the switch

    god old sony still stuck in a ps1 concept in 2017 WTF WHO BUYS THATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hello my friend. I understand your fury against Sony, but people who boughts a Sony console is for 2 main reasons:
      – There are many 3rd party games
      – Because the games have beatiful graphics (which doesn’t mean is a cool game)

      I personally stopped to buy the playstation since PS2 and I found Nintendo very innovative and also very prepared on gaming with the use of hardware for motion tracking and more.

      Nintendo is always different from the competitors, so don’t be angry against Sony, just ignore them.

  3. Nintendo has been a pioneer since 1985 and are arguably the most innovative company in the gaming industry.
    When Nintendo is strong the game community as a whole is stronger, it’s as simple as that. Competition often breeds creation, or innovation.

    Sony copying or for that matter of fact any company copying something is to some extent inevitable as there is no use in re-inventing the wheel 10 thousand times. But also keep in mind imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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