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Bandai Namco Working On Projekt1514 By DIMPS, Platforms To Be Announced

Bandai Namco pledged to support the Nintendo Switch earlier today and now comes news that they have a special project in the works. The game is being handled by the respected DIMPS and is currently codenamed Projekt1514. Platforms have yet to be announced but with Bandai Namco standing by the Switch it doesn’t sound out of the question that it will come to the platform. Stay tuned for more news!


  1. Bandi Namco?
    Working on a secret title for The Switch?
    Could it be a built from the ground up Tekken 7?! Tekken Tag Tournament was well reveived for The Wii U.

    & let me be the first to say as much as I’d love to see SUPER SMASH BROS on SWITCH I really doubt thats what it is.

    1. A year ago, a reporter from The Wall Street Journal had stated that Bandai Namco are developing Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo Switch.

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