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Nintendo May Have Teased A New Fighter & Stage Coming To ARMS

Twitter has been a valuable source from Nintendo in regards to future ARMS content. The official Twitter account for ARMS posted another teaser tweet with the picture we provided below. According to the tweet, which is in Japanese, Biff is on vacation and hears that there is a fighter in the area. Apparently, there is “sweet scent and exoticism in the air”. It is suggesting that a new fighter and stage may be on the horizon for the game. If so, we’ll let you know when it has released.

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  1. Definitely some sort of candy themed fighter. Pretty sure there was something about candy in the leaks at any rate. Peppermint striped arms? Taffy arms? Something like that.

      1. Since we would be paying for the service and not the content, technically yes?

        We would still get the update content for free, it’s being able to play the game online we would be paying for. Remember, even if you don’t subscribe for the online service, Switch systems can still access the eShop to buy and download games and can still post screenshots to social media.

      2. You do realize that you still get the content for free without paying for the Nintendo online service right, and if multiplayer is that important to you you can just play local co op with someone else who is right next to you that also has a Switch.
        You seem like one of those people that just complains just to complain.
        The DLC is free and local/couch co op is free with the Switch, unlike the ps4 and xbox one, and the only thing you’re paying for is Nintendo’s online service.
        Now I’m not defending the whole “pay to play online” crap, because I’m not even giving Sony my money just to play online when I can do it for free, but at least Nintendo isn’t raping gamers wallets with their online fees, like Sony and microsoft are doing, and $20 a year is a very small drop in the bucket compared to the competition, but like I said before if $20 a year is too much then get your friends together and play locally, like everyone used to do from the ninties-early 2000’s.

    1. I think major games will have free DLC because when Nintendo will start the online payment they will get money from us.

      I thinked about it because on the Wii U and 3DS if you bought a game, you have to buy the DLC, but you have free online.

      In the case of the Switch, you’ll have to pay the online service but you can get free DLC.

  2. So it likely isn’t ARMS-Tarzan like we thought it would be. At least, not this time.

    Looks like it will be candy themed, which means these ARMS could be anything from candy canes to gummy candy to strips of chewing gum.

    Hoo, this IS exciting!

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