Nintendo Has Applied For A “Tomokore” Trademark

Nintendo has recently applied for another new trademark. It is for ” トモコレ”, or “Tomokore”. This is the Japanese name for what is known out west as the Tomodachi games. Tomodachi Collection released on the DS in 2009, and Tomodachi Collection: New Life on the 3DS in 2013, with the latter releasing in the west under the name Tomodachi Life. The series would receive a spin-off RPG called Miitopia, which came out on mobile devices and, just recently, the 3DS.




    1. Not another one! localize beyond the Labryinth, Gundam the 3d battle, time travellers, Ex Troopers. You know games peopleactually want to play not another game of something like a watered down sims game


  1. I think the last sentence of this article implies that you believe Miitopia and Miitomo are the same game.

    Miitomo came out for mobile devices only, and it is not an RPG. Miitopia came out for 3DS only, and it is an RPG.

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