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Sonic Mania Is The Highest-Rated New Sonic Game In 15 Years

Within the past decade or so, there haven’t been many Sonic games that longtime fans were particularly proud of. However, that all changed with the latest entry in the series. Sega has confirmed that Sonic Mania, which launched earlier this week, is officially the highest-rated new Sonic title in 15 years. “Thank you all so much for being part of this journey with us,” the publisher said in a recent statement. The game is now available for download on multiple platforms, including Nintendo Switch.


  1. Technically that’s wrong, if we’re going by Metacritic scores, Sonic Advance is the highest rated Sonic game on the site, but never the less, Sonic Mania deserves all of the praise it’s getting due to how amazing the game is, hopefully Christian Whitehead and his crew decides to make a sequel or just another amazing 2D Sonic game sometime in the future.

    1. “Sonic Mania is the highest-rated new Sonic game in 15 years.”

      Now I wonder which Sonic game came out 15 years ago….

      (And holy Arceus, I grew up with the GBC and GBA. I feel old.)

      1. Your kind of right fans have been worrying about this game they been showing off more mania then forces since mania already here hopefully they show off more stages to convince people to buy it the oc maker is ok
        But is definitely buy for sonic fans nobody knows the story but if it even tries to be serious like 06 we can probably expect no sonic games no time soon I really don’t want that to happen though they got to show more features and prove that this is not a generation clone

  2. I’m not even a fan of Sonic games. But I just got through seeing the collector’s edition for Switch, and I held it in my hands, and I felt like crying and throwing a tantrum when I put it back on the shelf. It looked SO cool. I don’t know how long the Collector’s Edition will be available, but it’s definitely in my personal radar now.

  3. I just started it earlier, and… Oh man, it is good. I’m sure my face lit up with glee when I got to the boss of Chemical Plant Act 2.

    Here’s hoping this trend continues and Forces becomes the second Sonic game in 15 years to reach such a high score. Everything about it looks like it’s gonna be good; all I’m worried about is why Shadow is aligned with evil again when it goes against his close friend’s last wish, so I’m hoping there’s a good explanation for that.

    1. Ridley X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4. Awaiting Greatness on Nintendo Switch; just need cloud storage, add external HDD support, & make that stupid Nintendo Switch Online App on smartphones optional.} says:

      It’s possible Shadow is listening to the saying “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.” So like shadowvegeta said: just biding his time for the right moment to strike.

    1. I got mine today as well :) Pretty neat CE. Wished to have a physical cover instead of a download. But liked it anyway. The game is fun, I will spoil that for you! Lol

    2. I̴͍͓͛̂͛̚n̵̨̛͈̼͓̂̇̈́̊̓̐͒̕f̴̧̫̗͚̹̆̔̈́̐̎̉͜i̸̡͍̯̗̼͓͓̼͖̾̽͋̂̇̓ń̸̺̮̂̉̀̚i̶̗͛̿t̸̨̹̞̮͈̓e̴͔̲̤̓̽̆̕ says:

      Lucky, mine isn’t coming until either the 21st or the the 22nd of August… :|

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